My Pancake Addiction
A private support community.
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Pancake focuses on promoting kindness towards ourselves and others.
Features include forums, media galleries, chatrooms, direct messages, profile pages, statuses, groups, resources, tagging, 18+ limited threads, & more.
For privacy reasons, new members have limited access temporarily.
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Banners are earned by specific actions you can choose to take around the forum. They are displayed as a badge of honor below your name on your posts as well as on your profile page as shown below.

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You've donated over $100 dollars to the site!

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Ancient One
You've been an active member for a year! Active means you've made at least one post a month for 12 months though they do not need to be consecutive months. Please provide confirmation by linking to 1 post from each month.

Fresh Flapjack
You were featured in the Top Likes widget in the sidebar! Screenshot required for validation.

Griddlecake Greeter
You greeted over 100 people in the Introductions forum! You can find out if you did by searching the Introductions forum for posts made by only you. Note: spamming the same message over and over is considered spamming. Please make all posts original. Please provide proof by taking a screenshot of the amount of pages on a search.

Pancake Chatter
You've been considered a Top Chatter for either Last Week, Last Month, or All Time. Screenshot required for validation.

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You've won first place in a challenge! Please link to challenge for validation.

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Syrup Supplier
You have contributed core information, features or functions for Pancake.