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Pancake focuses on promoting kindness towards ourselves and others.
Features include forums, media galleries, chatrooms, direct messages, profile pages, statuses, groups, resources, tagging, 18+ limited threads, & more.
For privacy reasons, new members have limited access temporarily.
Who we are...


When you create a thread, you can assign a Prefix to it. The arrow below points to the area that you have to click when you want to select a prefix to assign to your thread! Press it, select the one you want, and you're good to go.


Here are some of the different prefixes you can use:

This one is very important. Any time you want to discuss something that you don't want underage users to see or share body checks that are more revealing, you can apply this prefix and anyone who is underage will not be able to view or post in the thread at all. This is the only prefix that is absolutely required to use. Posting sexually explicit content without an 18+ prefix can lead to a warning or a ban depending on severity.

Trigger Warning
This is the prefix you can use if you believe that something in your thread could potentially trigger someone. It's a good idea to also tag the thread with what the specific trigger warning is for. Please keep in mind that trigger warnings are not enforced, and you do not have to use them, but it would be nice if you did!

Considering the nature of this forum, sometimes we share personal and intimate things that some people might not want to know about. Apply the TMI prefix if you are going to go into graphic detail about bodily functions or other things that you would normally keep private.

No Advice
Sometimes you just want to vent or talk about your struggles without someone preaching at you or giving you advice. Apply this prefix when you just want supportive responses rather than advice.

There are other miscellaneous prefixes sprinkled throughout the forum, like in the Help Desk and the Diabetes forum, to help differentiate what the threads are about so people can quickly know what the thread is about without having to read it.