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  1. squish
    it looks so tasty and amazing!
  2. chocobunny
    Found them @AtrophicEm https://www.blippo.com/dreamy-fantasy-galaxy-earrings Not Etsy, my bad.
  3. chocobunny
    @AtrophicEm Nope. I’m pretty sure one of the ones is from Etsy or something similar7617B149-74CF-4921-8261-27ECE21BB075 by chocobunny posted Feb 19, 2019 at 3:14 PM That one..
  4. AtrophicEm
    These are all SO CUTE. I really wanna buy more jewelry for my piercings soon! Do you know which store(s) sell these?
  5. Kenny
    @Emily Aw, thanks!