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♡ what stereotypical ana food do you hate? ♡

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by sweetpeach, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. for example~
    i cannot for the life of me enjoy any kind of low calorie ice-cream!
    i would rather not eat it at all or have two spoonfuls of my regular ice cream
  2. I guess this isn't food.


    W A T E R.

    I just hate the flavor and water flavorings are expensive (to me) so oops.

    I've drank 6oz of actual water the past two weeks. I've had diet soda and black coffee and water from fruits but I mean ACTUAL water. I have a kidney infection now.

    Someone fucking help

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  3. ahhh!!! i used to relate to this before i brought bottles of water to lab classes...three hours with only water to drink and you soon change your mind ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ hehe at least i did!

    (and don't worry, drink is fine)
  4. Rice cakes. Ugh lol
  5. CELERY. ew ew ew....
  6. Definitely seconding rice cakes. So bland and not filling. No matter what I add to it I never like it
  7. Rice cakes, celery and energy bars. Nope nope nope.
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  8. Also not a food but green tea i still drink it but ugh do not enjoy
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  9. I'm approaching 40 and have gone through life hating and therefore not drinking plain water. As long as you're hydrated, you're good - the source doesn't need to be plain water.

    Also agree with the celery and green tea voters. I have a sweet tooth, slightly hot spicy or sour i can cope with and even sometimes enjoy, especially if it's combined with sweet like for instance - sweet and sour. But, I really don't lie things that taste bitter, bleurgh!
  10. i haaaaaaate celery omg
  11. Celery is the devil. One of the most disgusting things out there
  12. Cottage cheese can kiss my ass

    Unless it's a spinach fritatta recipe then we're cool

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  13. HARD agree
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  14. Oatmeal: grey unpalatable high-calorie glop.
  15. - Protein / energy bars
    - Jackfruit
    - Water
    - Tea
  16. Protein bars scare me, for no good reason.
  17. Same. The only kind of water I can drink is Vitamin Water Zero or the store brand sparkling water that's loaded with aspartame to sweeten it.

    I also second the protein bars. And also shirataki noodles. The texture is the worst for me. It also gives me the shits, but I can't say I can complain much about that since I'm also a chronic laxative abuser.

    Edit: and black coffee. All I can say is, how?
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  18. miracle noodles/konjac noodles

    smell like fish, taste like slime

    cook them and they turn tough and chewy like rubber bands
  19. Celery and protein bars. Hard no from me.
    Also grapefruit, PUKE
    And coke, yick
  20. There is good reason! Some of them are just high-priced calorie-dense candy bars.