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♡ what stereotypical ana food do you hate? ♡

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by sweetpeach, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Raw celery. I'll eat it if it's cooked soups or something, but other than that, it's a big nope from me.
    Hot sauce. I like sriracha, but in general, I hate anything that's over mildly spicy. If I'm gonna eat, I'd rather not burn my stomach lining in the process.
    Diet Pepsi. I think Diet Coke is more of an "ana" thing, but I see a lot of people hyping Diet Pepsi on here and I think it's gross. It tastes like carbonated metal water.
    Shiritaki noodles. I don't need a reason for this. If you know, you know.
  2. Okay, so, I actually like a lot of diet food. Legitimately. I would eat a lot of it even if I was 100% recovered. That said:

    You can pry shirataki noodles from my boney dead fingers (superior in all ways to normal noodles -- fight me), but oatmeal? I tried, fam, I really tried. It's just...not worth it. You can put as many toppings on it as you want -- that post-bronchitis mucosal texture ain't going nowhere. Also, wtf is with the mini-snickers bar on top? Some y'all need ana-jesus.
  3. Black coffee can suck my dick
  4. imo oatmeal is high calorie and not worth it

    sure you can have it with ham and apple slices for a somewhat balanced meal but that's pretty much the only way you could make it into a balanced meal

    plus the bulk of an oatmeal meal is oats, which is basically carbs

    to me i don't see that as any different than just eating a bowl of rice with some blueberries on the side. feels nasty man
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  5. Seriously though, ya'll who hate celery are my fucking people. Celery has one of the worst tastes in the world. Also, cottage cheese can suck a dick and no matter how much I fucking try I cannot do sweet root vegetables like carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc. Just... nah fam.
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  6. Halo top. It has the consistency of twice refrozen ice cream and has this nasty acidic aftertaste. Like sucking on a nickel.
  7. Miso soup and tofu
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  8. Rice cakes. I can only stomach the cheddar kind. The rest are icky.

    Celery is an abomination to God and 100% nasty. Devil's food right there.

    I also H A T E protein bars. The texture is revolting.

    PB2. It's not the same as real PB. It just makes me want to eat the real thing.
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  9. Pickles, mustard, 99% of hot sauces, anything including lettuce. Hate those flavors.

    I hate drinking plain water too (I love la croix and some other flavored water but if it's plain I just.. don't like it.)
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  10. Diet soda

    Actually, all carbonated beverages
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    • protein bars terrfifying and weird
    • raw spinach n kale n shite, feels like i a goat
    • shitty mini and rubbery versions of baked goods, idk if its a thing bu someone i know made a "low calorie cookie" and i am not spending 20 calories in a rubbery lump the size of a dollar coin, nasty
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  11. idk man i never tried protein bars, seem too high in calories for my extremely limitid intake
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  12. - Celery
    - "The miracle" noodles
    - PB2
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  13. I second the grapefruit thing, they taste like stomach acid

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  14. Black coffee & tea

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  15. Rice cakes, oatmeal, low fat/artificially sweetened foods or drinks, plain cottage cheese, iceberg lettuce, protein bars are all rly boring or just not worth eating to me. I’ve also weirdly lost interest in gherkins/dill pickles which is kinda sad
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  16. Lettuce. Unless it has dressing on it, but that defeats the purpose of it being low calorie.
    Also. I don’t know if this counts as stereotypical but apples?! Most of the time I see eating disorders associated with apples I don’t know why it’s just they make me feel even hungrier than I did before,
    And gum. I just keep swallowing it.
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  17. I dislike most vegetables. I really wish I could sit and enjoy a low calorie salad but the thought of them makes me gag.
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  18. I don’t think this is necessarily a “food”, but the sweetener Splenda and other things like that, I really don’t like.
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  19. Well, there are lots of super delicious "diet food" out there, I second that!
    But you can never take the halo of my Snickers Oatmeal. Oatmeal is my one true love (but I ate buckets of it as a kid too though)
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