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♡ what stereotypical ana food do you hate? ♡

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by sweetpeach, Jan 31, 2019.

    • Oatmeal
    • Rice cakes
    • Egg whites on their own (maybe I'm an idiot, but in my experience an egg white omelette not only tasted like shit, but also stuck to my non-stick pan immediately)
    • Plain yoghurt
    • Cauliflower
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  1. who tf invented black coffee and why
  2. Omg legit! I love oatmeal but the rest of these... *voms*
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  3. I really hate lettuce too
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  4. Halo top
    Protein bars
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  5. am i the only one who hates coffee so much?? ive tried it black and with milk and cream but it just tastes bleh
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  6. Real ice cream = heroin
    Halo top = methadone
    Either way, I'm an addict so fck em all.
    Rice cakes can sit in the landfill alongside their momma : Styrofoam.

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  7. I hate celery with all my passion.
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  8. celery!!!!!!!! rice cakes, most hot tea, i'll tolerate halo top but it's really not that great and also not worth the $$$$
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  9. those fuckin shirataka or whatever noodles
    also diet sodas but sodas just burn my throat in general
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  10. Apples. They hurt my teeth.
    Oatmeal. Looks like vomit.
    PB2. Tastes like sawdust.
    Halo Top. Just plain shitty.
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  11. Tea is so fucking disgusting. Rice tastes the same as licking paper
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  12. All fruit and I'm not a fan of flavoured/most herbal teas.
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  13. some 'diet' or 'light' styled foods taste like shit, honest. like some diet sodas taste like chemicals to me, but ofc it varies by brand. some 'light' versions of yogurt taste rancid to me. green tea is also horrible unless i mix it with something, not to mention it turns my stomach upside down when im fasting (idk why). i dont HATE protein bars but they're my absolute last choice, gritty, chalky gunk
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  14. Omg, someone who hates water too!! I thought I was alone >.<
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    I've tried, man I've tried to like it.
    I used to absolutely hate rice cakes too.
    But I'm converted now bc I don't buy the stereotypical thin ones. Thick rice cakes all the way.
    And diet coke tastes foul.
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  16. Mustard, bleeergh.
    Are brussel sprouts typical ana food? Otherwise i like most foods really.
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  17. tea. ugh, i just can't force myself to like it. i'll still drink it, though.
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  18. Came in here to hate on celery, water, shiitake noodles, and egg white omelets. But mostly celery.

    But celery is just dirty dishwater in a green stick disguise.
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  19. Fuck celery. They shouldn't even be considered edible. They're gross af.
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