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18+ Prefix Clarification

Discussion in 'Rules & Announcements' started by anamanaguchi, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. I prefixed my birthday thread in the happy zone because it mentions alcohol and drug use. Also there will be pics of booze and such. Is that a valid reason?
  2. Okay I totally get it now, thanks for clarifying <3
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  3. thanks for the notification
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  4. Thank you for clarifying! I'm 32 so I put that flair on everything out of fear, lol.
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  5. the unfortunate truth is they will do it anyway. everyone feels invincible when they’re a teenager.
  6. Okay so I was really tired when I wrote my other post and just didn’t bother to explain my point. I do understand not wanting to coach minors with their ed 100%. I honestly would feel weird (and have) with someone who is an adult or young adult be almost pushy with how I should dictate my ed.

    I guess my thing is... a lot of challenges here will be pretty simplistic in a way that doesn’t... promote specific ed behaviors??? I don’t know if that makes sense but what I’m comparing the challenges to are those butterfly kik groups that would have a page of strict rules of basically what your ed has to follow. And in my eyes I don’t see the challenges here like that? Or at least most? I dunno maybe I’m crazy or not really getting it because I’m obese and challenges help me mentally and physically.
  7. Honestly that whole post was about a specific time I was on tapatalk and saw this challenge that was right up my ally and it was like a self care more type of challenge and i couldn’t access it. Then i went on Mobile and saw it was 18+ and was kinda bitter.
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  8. thank you for changing this! i once considered to lie about my age so i could join some basic conversations but i didn't want my account terminated. now i don't feel like i have to do that anymore! still have to wait 2 years till i can view these 18+ threads but it's okay lol

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  9. I appreciate this a lot. I was starting to see at least a few people get pretty elitist and act like the entire site itself is 18+, or that minors actively shouldn't be allowed to read anything they post, and it was really starting to rub me the wrong way.

    Pancake has always been one of the more open & accepting ED forums since its beginning, so I'm glad we're pushing to keep it that way for everyone.
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  10. Sometimes I get the +18 prefix applied automatically to my posts when using Tapatalk, and can't remove them unless I log in from the laptop. Just thought I'd say this because I noticed recently

    나의 HRY-LX1 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
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  11. I’ve been seeing this too with a couple members, it’s a little perturbing. This isn’t an 18+ website as some believe.
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  12. I am so glad someone explained this to me! I have only used the prefix a handful of times but was worried if I was using it enough. I actually had NO IDEA that it physically banned people not registered on here as 18+ . I don't know if I just skimmed that in the site guidelines or if it is not expressed clearly enough. Thanks!
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  13. Thank you for clarifying.
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  14. I don't use mine to block minors out, I always used mine as a "Hey, idk what might get said here, so I'mma use this to just keep everyone safe" kinda thing.
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  15. Regardless of your intention, if you are putting an 18+ label on anything unrelated to obviously adult subjects (for example sexual content), you are 100% using the feature to block minors out. Minors can’t see the content of any thread marked with the 18+ tag.
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  16. #36 Worry Wirt, Aug 14, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019

    Why don't you tell me where I misused the tag then?

    Also, what is adult content that is non-sexual? Because I do feel like that exists. Being both adult (bad for kids to see) but not related to sex (or drugs or alcohol).
  17. I said if, after you said you use it on content where “idk what might get said here”.
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  18. adult content that is non sexual could include heavy drug use or extreme violence, I guess. I never said it didn’t exist, I just gave one example of adult content in my previous comment.
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  19. Well when I meant "idk what could get said here" what I meant was, on a thread that's already dealing with a topic that is already pushing the envelope and pretty much has a strong chance of the conversation quickly turning to the 18+ route, given that the original thread is suggestive or getting close to that type of thing anyway. For example in an abuse thread, sexual abuse can get mentioned. In a depression thread, drug use and self-harm can get mentioned. Also, with "what do you find attractive" (these are all examples btw) that can easily turn sexual real quick lol.

    Those examples I gave were mild examples. But, I mean there is obviously stuff that is already pushing the envelope and being suggestive without actually saying it. Yet. For example, I have a thread asking how P***hub works (basically asking if it's virus free, and asking where can I find videos of the type of men I like) and even though I said nothing nasty, it's obvious that it's about a dirty site, and surely something can, and most likely will get said, despite that it's just a thread asking about a website.

    Forgive me, but I don't see why putting the tag on something that you already know has a *chance* of going in a bad direction is a bad thing, since it's doing it out of safety for minors. What if I post a thread, am gone for a few days, then a bunch of people start posting sex stuff (or whatever else) in there? Then I get removed from the site for not marking it 18+? Because I wasn't online when people started posting what they wanted?

    And, just know, I don't mean normal threads. Like, "What outfit should I wear" or "What laxs work best", I mean things that could get dirty very quickly like depression threads, or even meme threads (not ED memes) because let's be real the internet is a pervy place and sex jokes can get posted there. Things that are subjects that are already dangerously flirting with the line of indecency. Not just random stuff.

    You're a big contributor to the website, I know, and your feedback has been helpful, but I would also like @anamanaguchi to weigh in on this as well, as the site's creator, and look at both sides of this to determine when it is and isn't okay to use the tag and also to provide me with more specific examples of what is and isn't wrong.

    Also, for reference, I deleted my entire thread in the happy place, because it is marked 18+ because it is for me to post anything that makes me personally happy, and as an adult human, that includes scantily clad people and mast*****ion. However, I never made a post (yet) on that thread that was s**ual in nature and therefore it was conflicting.

    I never said you said it didn't exist, I was bringing it up as a question, as in "does the 18+ as far as this site go also apply to non se**al stuff?" But, I can understand where what I said was very misleading, so i apologize for that.
  20. Teenagers can be sexually abused, teenagers can struggle with self harm and suicide. You see that kind of stuff in PG-13 movies. I think it's fair to say that allowing them a space to communicate about the tough subjects is only a good thing and should be encouraged.

    If your thread doesn't specifically have a reason to be 18+ by its premise alone, don't put the prefix on it. If a member replies with a comment that's too explicit, the staff would deal with their post. You would never be punished because of something someone else did. So if you make a thread and walk away for a bit and someone makes a post that's 18+ in nature, we would either handle it ourselves by marking the thread as 18+ or removing that members post.

    The 18+ Prefix clarifications do not apply to personal threads. You can mark any personal thread as 18+ if you wish. It's more so discussion threads that we are worried about here.

    If you make a thread and you're not sure if it will turn 18+ later on or not, you can always change the prefix later.

    The staff are really lenient here honestly. We have only banned a handful of members who all willfully continued to break the rules despite our instruction and discussion with them. We wouldn't kick you out for a simple mistake.
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