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2 Weeks Alone, What Would You Do?

Discussion in 'ED General' started by waiting99, Feb 12, 2019.

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    I'm going to have 2 weeks at home alone. I'm currently struggling with stress, fat, anxiety, fat, laziness, and fat. I'd like to do a couple or more of things while I have some time to myself.
    1. B/P, it's been ages, it consumes most of my thinking, so I have to do it at least once three times.
    2. Start Every Other Day diet/lifestyle.
    3. Drink as much wine as I want on at least 2 days.

    What would you do?

    Also, I've recently moved to central Portugal (Lousa), any suggestions on binge food shops would be great. It looks like there are several small shops plus a LIDL, ALDI, INTERMARCHE and CONTINENTE.

  2. I’d do a 2 week fast, exercise a bunch, watch YouTube and Netflix and play video games. But I’m always alone so that’s basically just my life, lol.

    If I’d just moved to Portugal I’d be walking everywhere too to see what’s about.
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  3. I'd have 2 huge b/p days (it's been ages for me as well but I'm not primarily bulimic) then the rest of the time do a fast and I'd go to my living room and binge watch some TV. I don't watch tv in the living room bc I'm currently in an abusive household so tbh I rarely leave my room. If I was older and could drive I'd drive to the movies and then to the beach and maybe go to hot topic as well because it's my favorite store

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  4. Sneak out and PARTYYY ALL WEEK BOIIII HEELLLLLL YEAHHH Im jk probably what I normally do (lie in bed all day and watch yt/netflix)
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  5. go out to a cafe everyday to work on school work b/c i have no friends and being in public stops me from eating
    return home and cry cause ive spent all my money on coffee
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  6. i would probably liquid fast and do a lot of yoga downstairs where we have wood floors bc no one would see me- id also probably go shopping by myself bc i could take as much time as i wanted

    and sleep a lot and spend time w/ my dogs
  7. I would fast lol
  8. that's so weird you ask that.

    I DID have 2 weeks alone, family was in America.

    I was boring af, hadn't accepted my relapse yet, so just took advantage of being able to exercise whenever I want and calorie count every meal, and just walk everywhere. Also spent a lot of time walking around supermarkets and drunk SO MUCH DIET COKE my goodness. and Diet everything.

    Also walked around the house in underwear and a bra basically all the time BECAUSE WHY NOT
  9. If I didn't have responsibilities uhh 2 week water fast hello

    Also I'd have my fwb over
  10. Hell on Earth. I would fast, b/p, go out, get drunk, smoke weed, but mainly water fast, on the days I ate, I’d have wine for dinner and I’d sing and dance and binge on the nastiest shit at 3 AM then purge, purge, purge... over and over again. It would be like all the years of my ED squeezed into two weeks, and if I’m not the “I’m fucking lit” seal by the end of it, I didn’t do it right.
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  11. I would probably have several panic attacks beforehand because I'm intensely scared of being alone because I tend to lose control over my eating and behaviour in general. That said I'm not even sure if the fear came first, and the binging follows because of that, or if the fear happens because of the possibility of binging, or both...
    I'd probably go out every single day and buy new binge food, going to different shops because I'm paranoid about people recognizing me while shopping and judging me (general fear, I always do that) and then cut off all communication to the outside and just binge binge binge and smoke shitloads of weed and ignore real life, then regret everything once its over
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