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Tech Support Account Deletion Requests

Discussion in 'Help Desk & Suggestions' started by Anamanaguchi, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Please post here if you want your account deleted.

    If you wish for your posts to be deleted as well please make it clear otherwise only your account will be deleted.
  2. I would like my account deleted please
  3. please delete my account
  4. please delete my account
  5. Good afternoon! Please delete my account as well. Thank you!
  6. Could you please delete this account. Thank you
  7. I would like to politely request the demolition of this account x
  8. May my account please be deleted? Thank you.
  9. Could my account and all my posts be deleted? Thank you.
  10. Delete this account please

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  11. me and my posts would no longer like to exist pls and thank
  12. We are currently having technical issues with account deletions. Deletion of accounts will be delayed for now until I can get this issue resolved.
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  13. Please delete that account and the posts. Thanks
  14. may i kindly request for this account to be deleted once the technical issues have been resolved? thank you very much!
  15. Delete my account and all my posts.
  16. please delete this account