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AN Problems that you didn’t see coming

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by BekahBitch, Dec 12, 2018.

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    So we know about the biggies (loss of energy or hair, heart problems, etc), but what are some things that you didn’t see coming with getting to such a low weight or chronic restricting?


    -can’t sit on any hard surface for too long cuz my butt has no more “cushion”

    -always having TONS of laundry cuz I have to wear 2 or 3 layers of clothing since I’m always cold

    -always hitting my hip bone or shoulder blade on a counter or wall and being bruised

    -clothes not fitting, just kinda hanging off of you

    Any others?
  2. Eyes getting bigger because the fat around them lessens (I want that again)
    Smacking my spine on chairs or walls when I lean against them
    Knees always hitting each other and bruising
    The constant bodychecking in public mirrors (because mine is clearly defective)
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  3. Oof yeah I really didn't plan for it to be this difficult to sit down. It's a pain in the ass (hah)
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  4. - Sitting. Down. Oh gosh even on my bed it will hurt my tailbone and hips if I lay on my side. It’s even worse if I’m sitting on something hard.

    - Trying to sleep with my knees together, ouch.

    - Having to take multiple baths just to get warm.

    - Food not really tasting good after a while. Everything is just mediocre.

    - My skin being HORRIBLE.

    - doing anything strenuous is extremely painful from lack of muscle, walking up stairs is a full on work out
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  5. I second the horrible skin and way too much fucking laundry.

    I think part of that partially stems from my issue with things being dirty.
    Even if it's a little shoe mark on my pants, or I decided to wear something other than what I'd already had on, I consider it to be dirty because of skin cells and possible sweat.

    I also didn't think that I'd cry in the middle of the grocery store because I couldn't decide which oatmeal would be the "safest" for me to eat.
  6. -Hitting and sometimes bruising my hips with my elbows
    -Poor posture from lack of muscle, which then causes neck, shoulder, and back pains
    -Gas, all the fucking time. Burping, farting. Sometimes it just doesn't want to come out and it builds up and makes me look and hurt like a pregnant woman.
    -Sensitivity to all temperatures. When I'm cold, I'm really cold and can't get warm. When I'm hot, I stay hot and have a hard time cooling down.
    -Being sensitive to literally anything I put in my body. I have to closely monitor my caffeine and alcohol intake, because small amounts effect me more than the average person. Having to take gummy multivitamins because the iron in a regular tablet is too much to handle and I get sick. Requesting to be put on lower dosages of psychiatric meds because the "normal starting dose" is still too high and I get side effects out the ass.
  7. Fingers so cold that they even get yellow with no blood flowing

    Sitting with a warming bottle at work

    Not able to do several crunch exercises without a pillow under my butt

    Standing up early before work to hit the gym

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  8. Soreness from lying on my side in bed..

    NEEDING a pillow so my knees don't touch while I sleep.
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  9. THIS! I used to love food so much, but now with the extension of thinking about calories and also the constant tries of on losing interest in food most things are just meh. And though I feel accomplished when I can refuse something I used to love, it is also a moment to realize I am getting worst and to notice how life is an ongoing path to complete apathy.

    I also didn't expect to have so many circulation problems.And seeing up close the process of developing fear food really scared me and made me sad.
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    Hard chairs is a problem, more for my spine than buttocks this time round, though I've had both.


    Knees in bed, though even when I'm at a higher weight I sleep with a cushion between them. I don't know if I'm just generally knobbly or oversensitive or what, but I do feel I need to, and even take a cushion on holiday with me.

    Oh and not enjoying planned eating days because I just end up feeling too full, and weirdly I'd rather feel hungry than that.
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  11. Bruises on my hips and legs. I don't even know where I get them from. They're just always there.

    All mid-calf boots look ridiculously wide and big.

    Things fall through the tigh gap when I'm putting something in my lap. Adieu, pencil ...
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  12. i can't poop
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  13. I don’t know if the bladder leakage is related but.. that
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    • The subtle shame that comes with battling a "teenage problem" in my 50s
    • The wild intolerance to minor temperature changes
    • The diverse range of clothing sizes in my closet that rivals that of a good department store
    • The ridiculously narrow array of food in my kitchen I'm willing to eat
    • The power and intensity of my love-hate relationship with my fitbit
  15. ^all of this, and one other thing i noticed happening to me but hadn't expected was becoming super clumsy; I just didn't have the usual awareness and control over my body that I had used to.
  16. Brain fog. I mean, we all learn we need to eat to avoid being sloppy, but I did not know walking up stairs could feel like a ball of soggy wool replaced my brain.
    Lack of sleep but still needing to exercise.
    Extreme sadness.
    Crying through the night.
    Crying while running.
    Running so soon after eating your food keeps coming up in your mouth.
    Waking up at 05:45 to walk 10.000 steps before breakfast no matter the weather, and I lived in a rainy and very windy place at the time. It hurt. it was cold, it was awful.
    No social life from too much walking and fear of not getting enough sleep.
    Loyal friends having to withdraw.
    Family members breaking down.
    I'm glad I recovered.

    And one kinda funny one... Maybe a bit TMI, but I was masturbating at the time (stopped for moral reasons), and my technique involved laying on my tummy with my hands well... yeah, you get it, but my hip bones were sticking into my arms and it was basically like banging a bag of bones towards a bed, I felt so unsexy I actually thought about gaining a little just to enjoy myself again. Heheh.
  17. you beat me to it, the boney-grinding pain stuff is the worst

    my knees feel like jagged rocks when im trying to sleep
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  18. Shitting myself frequently
    Can't bend over or I'll throw up
    If there's wind AND ice outside, I can't walk in a straight line, the wind pushes me around
    Can't shave my bikini or arm pits bc they're hollowed out

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  19. I am a fuckin slave to my Fitbit. When it does that buzzing to remind me to get in more steps for the hour, it always has a super nice message, but I always imagine it says "get up you lazy fat bitch"

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