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AN Problems that you didn’t see coming

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by BekahBitch, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Heart attack.......... ok I saw it coming
  2. Trying to stop for moral reasons...

    What's yours? If you don't mind me asking
  3. A bit vague in the sense that they are hard to explain, but I sort of feel why I wanted to stop. But the easiest answer would be that I stopped because of any future sexual relationship I might have. I want that to be as pure and clean as possible, and I figured I was probably putting myself up for a big let-down. I am still a virgin, but I am now in my first relationship with a guy that has lasted for nearly 8 months, and I know more than ever it was the right choice. I guess spiritual cleanness or a sense of innocence matters a fair bit to me.
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  4. Yes the bodychecking...I can’t bear to look at myself when I gain too much, but when I got underweight, I’d casually glance and check my reflection. Really weird~

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  5. The problem is it can be addictive and I can tell you for a fact that you get to the point where you would rather just do that and get it over with then wait for your husband to do the job. So, trying not to.
  6. Well, if a person is burping stomach acid into the esophagus it has the potential to increase the risk of esophageal cancer! But don't panic, ok?
  7. Totally get that. Got pretty addicted myself, it got unbearable. But I managed to stop!
  8. Heart palpitations

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  9. PSA to all of you who wrote about not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position due to knees, pelvis, spine, etc:

    Get a pregnancy body pillow!
    You will not regret it!

    They come in 3 shapes: I, C, and U.
  10. I'm certain that my digestive system is riddled with it by now partially due to genetics but in the main because of the years of abuse I have given it.
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  11. You could get it checked out, but I think it's a pretty invasive procedure, swallowing a tiny camera and such.
  12. I'd heard plenty of people talk about having to pee all the time, but I did not think it was going to be THIS bad. I feel like I have to pee every 20 minutes
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  13. damage to my bones and joints. I used to be a runner and a jogger. Now I struggle to walk.
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  14. the disappointment not being forced into treatment while being happy not being forced into treatment at the same time !
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  15. not mine, but one of my friends started getting bouts of autophony (Patulous Eustachian tube) from losing too much weight and being dehydrated. Basically, every time she talks, breathes, etc, it sounds REALLY loud.

    I didn't even know that could HAPPEN form weigh tloss despite studying all forms of malnutrition.
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  16. It's how rapidly my heart has gotten bad which shocked me. I was only recently diagnosed but have restricted for a couple years, and I've been told my heart is already struggling a little. I didn't think it would at all until i got to a much lower weight.
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  17. OH MY GOD.


    I’ve been bringing it up to doctors for months on end, but compared to my other health issues (heart, kidneys, lungs), it’s pretty minor so it’s never addressed.
    thank you so much omg, I’ve been googling for so long trying to figure out wtf is wrong with my damn ears.
    i suspected it was weight loss related, because it only started when I suddenly went from BMI 17 to 14 (and it’s especially horrible when I’m dehydrated), but i couldn’t be sure.
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  18. anorexia costs more over time than i ever thought (i actually lied to myself it is a cheap illness, it is not !)

    i regularily have those autophonia thing and it really pisses me of i went to my doc for it but he didnt knew what it was... before i had this i didnt even knew that i have an eustachian tube whats o ever ...

    fast weight loss does this... and as annoying as it is... i think it is a sign of doing great (in weird terms)
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  19. this is so fucking real! i’m 5’7 which isn’t too tall but your average size 00 is about 5 foot nothing so pants will fit around the legs and waist but be soooo short, rip. i’m almost sized out of most straight size clothes but too tall to fit in petite sizes
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  20. From my understanding, it results mostly from dehydration and extremely low body fat percentage. Usually, the eustachian tubes are squished closed. but when you become so withered and dehydrated, there isn't enough material surrounding the eustachian tubes that they stop being closed. My friend gets relief when she puts her head down between her knees or tilts her head. I'm assuming that by lowering her head, blood and fluid can pool around those tubes and squish them shut. I think there are some medicines that help inflame the area, also forcing it to squish shut again.
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