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AN Problems that you didn’t see coming

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by BekahBitch, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Constipation? Let me take a shit please, thanks?
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  2. I'm going to take this a level deeper than the stuff tht's come up so far in most of the posts. The irrerversible stuff. Nt the stuff that goes away when you gain weight and/or recover. I
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  3. not being allowed to do gymnastics. wtf. i
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  4. for today, at least, insane bloating... i woke up and my cheeks are hella puffy and my body is just so... big! i have been trying to drink coffee and water, but the facial bloating isn’t going down... someone please help...
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  5. i normally sleep with a pillow between my legs, too. it’s super annoying sometimes and even more annoying when i forget to put t there, because then i don’t feel comfortable when i sleep...
  6. Try being 6 feet tall and US size 2. I always hear women complain that 'clothing is all designed for tall, skinny supermodels'. So point me in the direction of that store, please. I have to buy all my jeans online. The Gap sometimes has long or tall versions of small sizes but never in the brick and mortar stores. I wear a lot of jeans tucked into boots because otherwise they are somewhere between capri and ankle length.

    Don't get me wrong, I love being tall and skinny, but it can have its drawbacks!
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  7. -the way your emotions can intensify while fasting, like bad. like getting pissed off during a fast? you see FIRE
    -wanting to puke when your stomach is literally empty
    -limb tingling
    -hands getting so cold that they hurt
    -food loses its meaning to you in a way
    -having the compulsion to check yourself constantly
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  8. The sore ass thing is way to relate-able, I had such a huge ass when I was big and lost most my weight from around that area and now its like a couple pancakes back there and it hurts so much to sit on hard surfaces haha

    The cold as hell fingers/hands and feet that hurt.
    Just being so weak, I can't open jars for mum or some female friends that have asked for some help.
    Constantly comparing my body to others, and being told I look skinnier than someone who I thought was tiny.
    The mirror checks in public/anywhere

    Long term permanent problems is a big one for sure, just like @TheGymBum said, almost freaky to think about but also doesn't help change my mind :o
  9. I feel like I should have seen this coming, but the amount it fucks with your digestive system (((((((:

    Just how much it affects your cognitive function (fun fact: I came up with all of my examples before I started writing and by the time i’d written the first, i’d forgotten this one)

    Being both completely exhausted and unable to fall asleep from under eating.
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  10. I didn't think I'd be knee deep in this anorexic shit for 5 FUCKING YEARS.

    I did not sign up for this.
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  11. Yeah forreal. If I had a penny every time a woman said I should be glad (since she was jealous of my body) I could fucking afford clothes lol.

    Relatedly, my size keeps shifting so I now have 3528053 different sizes in my closet to accommodate relapse/recovery every time I attempt either.
  12. Five years? You still have time to beat this. Hopefully you have no irreversible damage to your body. Some of us have been deep in this for 25 yrs+. Get out while you still can!
  13. I’m not sure. Maybe it has to do with digestion or acid reflux? I’m curious about it too

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  14. Indeed; well said.

    25+ years for me too.
    • ankles/spine/hipbone knocking on the floor/bathtub when i sit down
    • old clothes fitting weird and wrong (i mean, i expect it, but never when it happens i dont notice ive gotten smaller until soething looks wrong)
    • cold. why im cold? dont make sense? haha
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  15. I'm so sorry... but incredibly proud of you for pushing through despite how much suffering you've been though.

    5 years feels like a lifetime to me, I can't imagine what 25 years would be like :(
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  16. Aw, thanks!
    Not to be an enabler, but it really isn't so bad for me. I am healthy as a horse, albeit a scrawny one.
    It's just a part of life now, like blue eyes. Still, it would have been a lot easier if I'd kicked this as a teenager.
    (Cue ED brain - but then I'd be FAT and UNACCEPTABLE!)

    Anyway, you are sweet, and i wish you all the best! <3
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  17. WORD. VOMIT.

    My dad bought the wrong fish for me, it is 180 cals/serv opposed to 90/serving and I almost snapped my neck, and when she asked what was wrong I couldn't stop talking about how that would put me over.
  18. Gall stones due to losing weight too quickly and the bile in my gallbladder concentrated due to not being needed to break down days
    Then during my operation I was given too much anaesthetic because I was too small for their adult calculations
    Then during my recovery from the surgery, I got an abcess which they said was almost certainly due to me having next to no immune system because of AN
    I expected heart stuff, bone problems, but not this...
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  19. so much gas (burps AND farts)

    needing 25 minutes to poop and afterwards still feeling like your bowels aren't fully cleared
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