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AN Problems that you didn’t see coming

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by BekahBitch, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. this is gonna sound dumb af but i never expected my hair to ACTUALLY thin, like wtf...
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  2. Painful hipbones, constantly bloated, issues with clothes sizing
  3. - all food starts to taste the same
    - eyes looking bigger but also more sunken
    - terrible, dry skin
    - sitting on hard surface hurts
    - getting horribly and painfully bloated from small amounts of food
    - insomnia
    - being completely unable to concentrate on ANYTHING
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  4. Everything just hurts. Headaches and being lightheaded. Hair falling out every time you touch it. Finding clusters of hair everywhere. ._.
    Never thought of it happening while I was still overweight.
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  5. Yeah the poop thing is the worst, 25mins for a poop is a good week, it can take me an hour
  6. Diarrhoea???? W h y???
  7. Too much of fibre and water?

    Artificially sweetened things cause alarming intestinal distress in susceptible people.
  8. Not dumb at all! I speak as one who has dodged that bullet. BMI 15.3 and I actually have to get my hair thinned at the salon or it is absolutely horizontal! And I was bracing myself for hair loss. Nope!

    I assume my body is being destroyed in some other undisclosed way. Shriveled organs? Crumbling bones? Who knows. It hits us all differently.
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  9. yeah the "everything tastes the same" hits home. after a while, it's like... I don't eat for taste anyway, what does it matter? at least for me.
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  10. sudden death is a known phenomenon in anorexia btw. you just like... die, even though all your labs were fine.
  11. shaking, dizziness, and weakness. didn’t notice it much when i got to my lowest weight, but i notice it so much more now. so much so that my legs give out almost every day:emoji_rolling_eyes:

  12. Oh that's relatable. When I was at my LW some of my fingernails thinned so badly they fell off and my hair stayed super thick. Would have preferred the hair loss tbh.
  13. Be careful what you wish for! My nails are pretty strong too, but I'd rather keep my hair if I had the choice!
  14. I would rather go quickly. Sudden death is surely preferable to something long and lingering.
    I just hope it doesn't happen while I am driving - innocent bystanders and all.
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  15. dry skin, purple nails, and the fact that I couldn't sit properly anymore because of my non existent ass
  16. Still being fat lol
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  17. | weak nails that snap easily
    | thinning hair
    | dry skin and lips
    | numb feat
    | can't sleep without a pillow between my knees
    | freezing when not wearing a massive fluffy hoodie
    | dark puffy eyes
    | fainting
    | shaking all the time
    | clothes not fitting
    | bruising a lot
    | can't sit still [have to shake my leg constantly to burn those extra calories]
    | can't buy my favourite flavours of things because there's an extra 2 calories in it
    | loss of motivation to do anything
    | s a l t c r a v i n g s
    | people judging my food choices
    | having panic attacks over what used to be foods i loved

    mumbled from beneath a blanket
  18. circulaaaaaaaaaaationnnnnnn
  19. involuntary hospital admissions.. i thought i would be allowed to... well, do what i wanted since i'm an adult, but apparently not...
  20. POTS

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