Anyone else with joint pain, diagnosed or not?

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  1. Re: yoga, it’s really all about finding a good teacher like you said! When I started I was lucky enough to find one who understood the limited mobility in my hips and always gave me alternatives as well as stretches I could do to help. As a result of practicing with her for a year, I went from being unable to even do a one-legged downward dog to being able to do a full squat without pain. I owe so much to her.

    I have tried to cut back dairy consumption, but it’s extra hard because (well, first of all, because I’m a cheese monster) but also because I am wheat free sugar free for the same reason, so my food choices get very limited. But I don’t drink animal milk, hate eggs, and avoid highly processed dairy (like “cheese products”, yuck). But yeah, when I eat less dairy I tend to feel better, so it’s something I’d like to work on.

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  2. I have terrible joint pain. It's really bad in my left leg. Constant knee and hip pain. I didn't have this problem until my mid 20s. I started using a cane at 28. I can't walk on my own and can't stand more than few minutes. My doctor claims my eating disorder has messed my body up pretty bad.
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  3. I got a bad lower back, it's always sore for me and have had heaps of injuries over the years from heavy/awkward lifting, I maybe a bit more prone to back injuries from my height too (plus I was quite heavy and that might of put more strain on it).

    I got an x-ray recently and it's confusing because they said my lower spine was normal and fine and then listed a couple problems too that might of been from birth.

    Kinda annoying, i'll have to see my GP again to see what it properly meant and if there's solutions or help for it, I can still do things it's just annoying always having a sore back.
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  4. I have polyarthritis and fibromyalgia which my doctor never told me had been diagnosed. I found out when reading my records.
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  5. i have been diagnosed with arthritis in both hips.. and a broken back (with extra bone fusing between Lumber and Thoracic joint)..
    it never worried me at all in the past.. but now i have lost 29.4kgs my hips ache, my knees really suffer a lot too and my back pain is ridiculous.. just doesn't make sense.
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  6. My back is worse at low weights just because there's no padding, I think. Maybe also some muscle degeneration kicks in, I dunno, but that would make sense too in that your spine is then less supported.

    So far (BMI 16.8) I'm not having extra hip or knee pain. In fact since I've been having reflexology most of my pain is better/less than it was.

    Do you take hot baths? I like a hot bath with essential oils. Wintergreen and black pepper, rosemary and ginger, thyme for the immune system ... Wintergreen is quite hard to get here, and is the main reason I end up doing a pretty much annual online essential oil order. It's very good for circulation and pain conditions.
  7. My diagnosis is chronic joint pain lol. They've kinda given up on diagnosing me and all the treatment they offer just makes it worse so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  8. i went to physical therapy for my whole body over the month of winter holiday time.

    it sucks because in the short term it makes me hella fatigued and then everything hurts and i can't do things. but she said that laying in bed avoiding doing things in the long term would make everything worse even though in the short term it hurts less.

    also i ordered some CBD oil. I did a lot of research, and decided what was best for me to do a trial was a full spectrum CBD (no thc, there are different ratios). I picked the lower does drops, which means i need more drops for the daily suggested dose and will run out faster but i wanted to go the cheaper route for the trial.

    I'll let y'all know how it goes, i guess?
  9. Yeah, I'm doing a Pilates class once a week now and my hips certainly hurt afterwards, but I figure it's better to build up some strength and flexibility than just to avoid pain. I can't make the problem worse by moving - I have bone spurs in my hips and they will do what they do do, there's not much that affects them on way or the other.
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  10. I have what can sometimes be unbearable pain in my hips, knees and ankles but nobody seems to be able to tell me what's wrong with me. I just don't wanna be in pain anymore ffs
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  11. i've dealt w pain in different joints all my life honestly, the biggest one for a while was my knees (bilateral plica syndrome). more recently it's been my lower back (residual pain from a spondylolysis fx a couple years ago), SI jt pain (hypomobile & ant. rotated pelvis), and the one that we don't know the cause - sporadic "growing pains" in my hips (and occasionally knees, shins and shoulders) that doesn't correlate at all with my physical activity/exercise levels. i say growing pains bc i don't know how else to describe it, achy pain deeeep in the jts, often at night, that reminds me of what we called growing pains when i was younger & going through a growth spurt, but i'm now in my mid-twenties so i know it's not that anymore, been done growing for years.. been vegan for 3ish yrs now and don't eat a ton of gluten so i'm fairly certain it's not related to food, and i'm getting tested for lymes this week but i'm p sure it's not that either so if anyone else in this thread has experienced something similar and has a dx/cause for it, pls hmu.
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