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Apple Watch series 4 vs FitBit

Discussion in 'Exercise' started by CrazyDoc, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. I'm a bit of a slave to my FitBit, but am considering switching to an Apple Watch b/c the Apple Watch has some other features that are important to me (fall detection, cellular, and the ECG).
    I'm having a hard time deciding what to do.
    Has anyone here used both and have a preference?
    If you use an Apple Watch to track exercise, do you find it to be reliable? Are you glad you bought it? Given a chance to do it over, would you buy it again?
    One of my main concerns with switching over is that I have no idea how to track calories with Apple's apps and such. I'm an Android user, so everything Apple is brand new to me (I'd have to get an iPhone, too).
    Advice? Cautions/warnings?
  2. i love my apple watch series 2 to pieces tbh but ive never had a fitbit..
    the exercise tracking works perfectly and the reading seems quite accurate, might be on the over estimating side though (I'm 174cm and 78kg and burn 500cals for 1hr of walking fast or 38min of jogging... which is a lot. my bmr according to it is 1550-1750 which could actually be accurate)
    the heart rate is also correct and im thinking about getting a series 4 as well for the ecg...

    ive had an android phone once and it just made me appreciate iOS so much more. its a lot easier i think. iPhones are expensive though

    also if you wanna exchange wristbands- get them from amazon
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  3. This was super helpful. Thank you!
    Do you use a certain app to track calories? Is there one you could recommend? I've used FitBit's calorie tracking for a long time, have all safe foods as favorites--it's all so easy.
  4. the iPhone has apple health which provides a very comfortable way to keep track of all your data. you can even manually add dietary calories to your charts but apple health also syncs with lose it, mfp and most other fitness apps :D
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  5. I love this!
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    I have had:
    Vivoactive HR
    Apple Watch Series 2

    I love the apple watch the most. I wasn't a huge fan of the fitbit app, and the Vivoactive HR which was supposed to be waterproof broke because water from the shower got into and garmin's support sucks.

    id say the garmin and apple watch were pretty good at estimating and fitbit overestimated. i also didn't like the fitbit app, but the garmin app fed into apple health and so did the fitbit one.

    you do have to calibrate the apple watch by doing an outdoor workout for a cumulative 30 minutes. you can do like 3 10 minute walks or something like that.

    if you just want an apple watch, save 100 dollars and get the series 3, save more if you get it refurbished. if you want the ekg and fall detection and you like the new bezel get the series 4. otherwise they both run watchos 5 and have the same core features.

    be warned, if you buy an apple watch, you're stuck with the apple ecosystem.
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  7. This is very helpful. Thank you!
  8. i love my apple watch. it allows you to set workouts right from the watch from the apps the watch has in its stock features. it also links to lose it which is my calorie tracking app of choice so my workouts are automatically synced into my lose it account. i'm at the point where i cant workout or even leave the house without it. you can set your daily move goal to whatever you want so you're always trying to push yourself to burn more calories. you can also add your friends that have a watch as well and try to compete with them for most activity of the day
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  9. I was looking at getting the Fitbit Ionic but it’s ugly as hell and I would never want to wear it as a normal watch. The Apple Watch is obviously more expensive but I figure at least it does more and I’d want to wear it.

    The feedback you guys have given is definitely swaying me toward the Apple Watch.
  10. I vastly prefer the Apple Watch.
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  11. After having this Apple Watch for one month now, I can confidently say it was the right decision. This does SO much more than the FitBit. It has become an important part of my everyday life. I absolutely love it and recommend it far and above the FitBit Ionic.
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  12. i'm not allowed to wear any kind of watch to work- do u think i could hide an apple watch by putting it on my ankle and would it work?