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  1. Anyone else out there? :)
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  2. Hey! I'm glad you started the thread! I'm sure there must be more of us on here :)
  3. My son. Diagnosed at 11, though we knew something was up long before then and just rolled with it. He's 20 now.

    At his previous uni, they couldn't understand why he couldn't do study abroad at the countries they suggested. We did a 10 day research and uni trip to Canada last year. Like with the US universities we toured when he was in high school, he had to make sure there were foods he could eat either on campus or from a place nearby. Luckily, there was. He transferrs in the fall if his visa gets approved.

    Aka: Things most people don't have to worry about when traveling or applying to college.
  4. Hello! I was diagnosed with Arfid a couple months ago, but I've had it my whole life pretty much. Thanks for starting this :)
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    Not diagnosed, but pretty sure that's what I have. My daughter has it (also has autism), and my son, though much milder, and he has been working on it and gotten much better in the past couple of years
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  6. Your not alone!
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  7. Me too! It's the worst part of my ED, mostly because people don't understand it. I can tell people I have anorexia (i have ednos, but anorexia simplifies the issue), and they understand. They don't understand why I'm scared of mushrooms and olives and other low-calorie but afrid-scary foods.
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  8. me! i literally have to eat like, the same things every day. texture is the worst for me
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  9. I'm not officially diagnosed with it, but I think I have it. Texture is a really big thing for me, especially combined with taste. It makes it even harder to find food I can eat, and it sucks.
  10. Had it my whole life, and it's harder to get rid of than anorexia tbh... not that recovering from anorexia was/is easy.
  11. I had no clue ARFID even existed until a user on here asked me if I had heard of it when I was trying to explain some things and asking if others knew what I was talking about. Since then things have only gotten worse lol.

    I really wish there was more of a presence on here :( I have had other disordered eating over the years but nothing makes me feel as empty and lonely as this does lol.

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