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Back and shoulders breaking out

Discussion in 'Health and Wellness' started by Frisk, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Embarrassing and gross but, like the title says, my back and shoulders are breaking out. Pretty bad. The worst part is they can't be popped. I tried. It's humiliating. Has anyone else experienced this before? Are there any good ways to make it go away? At least winter is coming so I won't have to worry about people seeing but still :grimacing:
  2. For me it’s from conditioner/ hair products... just wash your back and shoulders after you’re done with your hair this made the biggest difference for me

    Could be diet/hormones too but try watching what products come in touch with that area and see if it makes a difference!
  3. stridex red pads --> life changing for acne
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  4. I might give the bath idea a try, especially since it sounds relaxing and luxurious lol is there a big difference between the Japanese cloth and a regular one from Wal-Mart or somewhere? I'm sure quality plays a big part there!
    YES, THIS. I use them for my face and as long as I'm not sitting there obsessively scrubbing, it seems to do pretty well for my skin! Only thing i don't care for is sometimes those will dry my face out and make the skin peel. Moisturizer comes in especially handy at that stage!
    Now that you mention it, my diet lately has been pretty awful, that probably has a lot to do with it now that i think about it. As for hormones, i do take birth control pills and it's usually my face that gets the worst of it. Does it affect the rest of the body as well like that? Oh jeez :flushed:
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  5. do you exfoliate? it could be as simple of a fix as adding some scrub time with a good stiff body brush

    i know my skin gets all clogged up if i dont give myself a good scrub every week or so
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  6. I used to when i was younger, it wouldn't hurt to get back into it though. Plus exfoliating scrubs smell so good!
  7. Have you tried African black soap?
  8. mine are also doing this!! i think its partially my lack of a good diet, but also i don't have a skincare routine and i pick ):

    african black soap and non-alcohol rose water witch hazel toner have been recommended to me before!
  9. I get hardcore bacne, to second everybody else washing my back after rinsing conditioner out helped me alot. I also really like St Ives medicated apricot scrub, 4ish dollars at my local grocery store. Also dont be afraid to use face products on other parts of your body, whatever works for any facial acne you may have will probably work on your back
  10. closed comedones like you're describing + an ED/restriction can dry out every inch of your skin and this causes the bumps. You could try more dietary fats or slather on some moisturizer. Exfoliation definitely won't hurt, but I'd keep it very mild or mostly chemical and not physical.