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Banner Requests

Discussion in 'Help Desk & Suggestions' started by anamanaguchi, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. #1 anamanaguchi, Jul 1, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
    As of right now there are five banners you can get. You can request a banner here, as long as you give accompanying proof that you've earned it!

    You've donated to Pancake to help it thrive! (Banner given automatically upon donation)

    You are currently subscribed to Pancake through our Subscription system.

    Master Pancake Chef
    You've earned at least 100 trophy points.

    Fresh Flapjack
    You were featured in the Top Likes widget in the sidebar! (Please take a screenshot for this one)

    Griddlecake Greeter
    You greeted over 100 people in the Introductions forum! You can find out if you did by searching the Introductions forum for posts made by only you. Note: spamming the same message over and over is considered spamming. Please make all posts original. Please provide proof by taking a screenshot of the amount of pages on a search.

    Pancake Chatter
    You've been considered a Top Chatter for either Last Week, This Month, or All Time. Screenshot required for proof.

    Passionate Pancake Patron
    You've donated over $100 dollars to the site! If you've achieved this, please PM me privately.

    Ancient One
    You've been an active member for a year! Active means you've made at least one post a month for 12 months (does not have to be consecutive months). Please provide proof by linking to 1 post from each month.

    Challenge Champion
    You've won first place in a challenge!

    Challenge Conqueror
    You've completed a challenge!
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  2. #2 Deleted_RED GOD, Jul 1, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 1, 2018
    Ooooooooo, I've always wanted a banner, and now I can get one!! Yay!

    I have 144 trophy points, so I believe that makes me eligible for the Pancake Master banner?

    EDIT: I'm laughing at the strange timing of this... Right after I got my banner I got like 100+ more points.
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  3. There you go!
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  4. im a pancake master too o snap i didnt even realize i had 104
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  5. Granted!
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  6. oooo id love to have a banner! any tips on getting more trophies?
  7. Maybe a banner for those who were here for the first few months of pancakes or something? They could be pancake vets
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  8. yess i suggested that earlier too!!
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  9. I like the idea in theory but I do want all banners to be achievable by everyone even if they weren't always around.
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  10. Thats understandable! Aside from that, I'm not sure about new banners then lol
  11. fair point! what about a person whos been a member for a certain amount of time? kinda like an anniversary thing, for accounts that turn 1 year? thats the only other banner i can really think of along those lines
    pancakes is obviously not even a year old but i mean the concept still stands
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  12. Ooh, so close to the Pancake Master banner. Can't wait! I never cared about post counts and the like, but I'm really loving the trophies that come up unexpectedly. I didn't go and look to see what lies ahead because I want to be surprised. :smile: And I love that the notifications are pancakes. It's cute and different and just plain happy.
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  13. Just wanted to notice that there is a typo in the "challenge conquerEr" banners.
    English is not my first language, but as far as I know this form is obsolete and should be replaced with "conquerOr", right? Or not?
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  14. i think i qualify for the pancake master banner with 144 trophy points! i ended up just earning like 50 today :eek:
  15. Uh oh! Fixing!
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  16. I achieved it just a few minutes ago! Yay! When you have the chance, no hurry because I know you're swamped with the flood of new members and tech things, I'd like the Pancake Master banner, please. :grinning:
  17. i have over 200 trophy points, can i be double master? lol
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  18. There you guys go!
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  19. Thank you. <3.