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Banner Requests

Discussion in 'Help Desk & Suggestions' started by anamanaguchi, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Fresh flapjack pls ♡ Thank You

  2. One more month and I get an ancient one. Sooo close :)
  3. AAAAA I can finally get the Fresh Flapjack and Master Pancake Chef ones! Those banners just sound so fancy <3
  4. can i get pancake chatter please :)

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  5. I could also use a pancake chatter apparently!
    Bless @nadsatdevotchka I would never have noticed <3

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  6. Can I get the Griddlecake greeter? ^-^
  7. Screenshot_20190716-221822_Chrome.jpg
    Hi can I please get the Griddlecake Greeter Banner :3
  8. For Ancient One banner, assuming screenshots are ok? I'll do links if not lol

    Screenshot_20190716-202646_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-202718_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-202744_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-202819_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-202904_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-202943_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-203005_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-203042_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-203154_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-203222_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-203248_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-203311_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-203335_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-203412_Chrome.jpg
  9. bump uwu
  10. hiiii, i wanted to request the griddlecake greeter banner [​IMG]
  11. Hiii, can I get Master Pancake Chef? Please and thanks!