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Best halo top flavors top 3

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by Elr, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Best 3 halo top flavors in your opinion.

    In no particuler order mine are
    Rainbow Sherbet
    And Gingerbread House (holy shit i just found this yesterday its so fucking good)

    I know some areas have different flavors so im interested what else is out there
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  2. My stores don't sell the gingerbread house one :'(
    I'd say the green tea mochi, the pistachio, and one other I can't remember (sorry x'D) are my favorites.
  3. Peanut butter cup
    Pancakes & waffles
    Candy bar
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  4. Peanut butter and jelly <<< holy shit this... is probably the best ice cream I've tasted period, "diet" or not
    Candy bar
    Oatmeal cookie

    There's so many good ones though, that the third place spot could have went to a lot of others. Green tea mochi, caramel macchiato, chocolate, pancakes and waffles, birthday cake... they're all good. There's very few I don't like, except plain vanilla (too plain, it bores me lol), not a huge fan of the pistachio, sherbert (I just don't like sherbert flavor in any brand), and cookies and cream (doesn't taste like cookies and cream imho).
  5. there's a few i really really want to try- like the coconut and red velvet
    also i forgot about pancakes and waffles hell yeah
  6. I am boring and always just get the birthday cake one. I looooove it
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  7. I've only tried peanut butter cup but fuck it is good
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  8. Oatmeal cookie
    Red velvet
    Peanut butter cup

    I also really like the pumpkin pie, but I decided to go with flavours that aren’t seasonal.
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  9. peanut butter cup
    toasted coconut
    I don't want to put a third as I have only tried 2 more that I didn't like at all
  10. I want to try the gingerbread house one so bad!

    My personal favorites are:

    1. Candy Bar
    2. Mint Chip
    3. Birthday Cake

    There's also a So Delicious dairy free mousse that's comparable in terms of calories and comes in a peanut butter swirl flavor that is to die for. I think the pint is 330 calories.
  11. Pancake and waffles
    Chocolate mocha chip

    But yes I love the gingerbread and pbj for seasonal flavors and the peach one too omg
  12. 1) lemon cake , I can eat this for the rest of my life and be happy
    2) Carmel Macchiato, absolutely amazing
    3) pistachio, I generally just love pistachio

    I've only tried a few and I want to try more of them especially now that my more local stores are selling them.
  13. You guys are naming really fancy ones that I haven't found in the UK yet :p

    My favourites are:
    - cinnamon roll
    - cookie dough
    - peanut butter cup

    I live and die for cinnamon roll but can't stand some of the other ones I've tried (vanilla, birthday cake, salted caramel) which always sucks because they're so expensive
  14. I went on a whole kick reviewing and trying fake ice creams! My personal favorites:

    • Cinnamon Roll
    • Lemon Cake
    • Peanut Butter and Jelly
    I'm excited to try the new gingerbread flavor!
  15. i haven't tried that many, but my top so far are red velvet, chocolate almond crunch, and strawberry.
  16. I can't tell you how jealous I am of all of you right now. I so wish we could get even a quarter of these flavours where I am.
    In my town, I get peanut butter cup, birthday cake, sea salt caramel, dairy free caramel macchiato, and dairy free toasted coconut. That's it.

    I've tried a couple of others, when I went to visit family, but only choc chip cookie dough, vanilla, chocolate, dairy free vanilla, and candy bar.

    Of these, my top 3 would be candy bar, birthday cake and vanilla.
  17. green tea mochi
    oatmeal cookie

    red velvet is nb either, but I prefer the talenti raspberry sorbetto to all of these, it's either 100 or 110 a serving and there's 4 servings, which I never end up finishing the whole pint cause it's so dense. I'll shut up now
    then cookie dough
    then the peanut butter cup

    god i could eat oatmeal cookie for days. the little difference in texture with the oatmeal bits makes it so much more satisfying for some reason
  19. OATMEAL COOKIE 11/10
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  20. Strawberry
    Oatmeal cookie
    Cinnamon roll