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Best halo top flavors top 3

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by Elr, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Birthday cake is the og B^) but I haven’t tried too many flavors! I also like strawberry!

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    don't argue with me will fight u uwu
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  3. birthday cake- vegan
    oatmeal cookie
    Then birthday cake
    then good ole chocolate cus it never lets me down
  5. Dude that's the only one I get
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  6. Pancakes and waffles has a chemical-y aftertaste. My sister said it reminds her of butterscotch and she ain't wrong. I'm not a fan

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  7. None they all hurt my mouth from the artificial sugar :(
  8. Oatmeal cookie
    Candy bar
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  9. Green tea mochi is forever my favorite
    Then birthday cake and cookie dough
  10. I wish I had access to all the flavours talked about in this thread. For me, from the ones I’ve had:

    Sea salt caramel
    Mint chip

    If you wanna argue mint chip tastes like weird chemicals, you’re right - unless it’s the only thing you’ve eaten, then it’s good. Debated others as #3 for that reason though.
  11. Sea salt caramel
    Peanut butter chocolate
    Cinnamon Roll

    Aannnnnnnnnnd now I want some.
  12. Birthday cake

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  13. Pistacio
    Birthday cake
  14. Cinnamon roll
    Green tea mochi
  15. Candy Bar
    Mint Chip
    Birthday Cake
  16. No love for black cherry? Tried it today and LOVED it. Will be buying again esp when my kids believed me when I said it had nasty ol’ cherry chunks in it so I don’t even have to hide it like the other flavors. Also love birthday cake and cookie dough. Mint chip will do but not my first choice.
  17. I just tried red velvet and had a semi spiritual experience

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  18. Birthday cake, cookie dough, red velvet. Everyone’s saying oatmeal cookie though ugh I can’t imagine how many flavors I’m missing out on
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  19. I finally tried the red velvet and holy shit i might have to reevaluate my top 3
  20. I’ve never seen it!