Beware the Ides

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  1. What has tripped you up on this ominous day?
    My Brutus today is a bag of my favorite chips I know are stowed in my spouse's closet. It's as if they are plotting to jump out of that closet at any moment, and I will be helpless to fight against them.
    Et tu, Cheetos?
  2. Was gonna go out and buy a burger but this stopped me

    You are my soothsayer many thanks :emoji_thumbsup:
  3. i got personally stabbed by a bag of cookies today
  4. Nacho Queen of Denial...freshly fried in hot oil, lightly salted and sprinkled with chili powder in house made from cornmeal tortilla chips with the best salsa I've found this side of the Mississippi...
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  5. my mom bought me a full fat frappuccino from starbucks because i "deserve it"

    bitch i know you're trying to trip me up i won't be bested
  6. Managed to go to the grocery without getting any food, just some soap and tampons for periods I will never have!!! love wasting what little money I have on those!
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  7. Basically I am my own Brutus. I always betray myself by sticking a knife in my own back with bad decisions like "fuck it, let's just b/p today . . . again".
  8. Frosting. I swear any frosting that comes near me is just irrisistable. I also went out to eat with family and now I’m losing my mind because I don’t know how many calories I ate.
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  9. I busted my tire open on a large stick during a storm and got stranded in front of my town's paper mill that literally smells like rotting broccoli while waiting for a tow - in the dark. So.
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  10. Oddly enough, I had the best day I’ve had in ages. That’s not saying too much because things haven’t been awesome for a while,

    Perhaps the ides of March happens to be good luck for me I mean, I can’t say Caesar is on my list of fave people so why not?
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  11. Thanks, all, for indulging me.
    I've had a rough week, and reading your responses has pepped me up.
  12. sUrPriSe PiZzA PaRTy for my office due to some stupid achievement. Much pressure. Much ice cream.
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  13. Caesar's breakfast
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  14. Broke a bone and snacked too much.

    I mean.. I didn't binge and it could be far worse but I still feel shitty about my intake.
  15. Ohmygosh


    I can't even, it gets me every single time lol.

    Like I KNOW THAT IT'S GONNA MAKE ME BINGE, but I still eat it :emoji_sweat_smile:
  16. Et tu, cheetos?

    I love that
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  17. A jar of Nutella has 1865 calories!

    Sorry, I just... I had to get it out. Phew, I feel a whole lot better now.