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Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by Chubby, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. my birthdays this week and my family reserved a seat at a really good Japanese restaurant. They have like sushi and stuff it’s really fancy. Every time I go there i lose all control and stuff my face. I know youre gonna tell me to chill and just eat for a day but I literally cant I’m too fat. OMG WHAT DO I DO
  2. There's always exercise purging after the fact and fasting up until the meal.
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  3. fast now.. Get the menu ahead of time and plan your meal...it will help you relax and enjoy.
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  4. I have the same dilemma with my birthday tomorrow (not a Japanese restaurant but still), and I've decided to just do it, then go super hard core on my restricting like the rest of the week, but I feel like your special day has merit and you don't deserve it getting fucked up for you, or the people who gave you the chance to experience that day (aka your parents) so I'd suggest if you really just can't do it, I feel like a purge of some sort, or do what I'm going to do is just restrict really severely for the fallowing week.
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  5. Have your birthday dinner as your one meal that day? Even if you do eat a lot I feel like that single meal will easily be less than your TDEE + quite honestly even if you did get over it wouldn't effect your weight further than a day or two of bloating.

    You deserve to enjoy your birthday dinner.
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  6. If you've been restricting hard and your body doesn't "Like" big amounts of food, you will get diarrhea :)
    Was it comforting? Happened to me last year's birthday.
    My birthday is coming up soon, too (yay?) and I plan to eat then, but I just save some calories for it (for example, if i want to eat 3500 kcal on birthday and I burn 1200 kcal with rest, I try to create 2300 kcal defict some days/week before that, with fasting or restricting.
  7. I tend to do the same when I go to one of my favorite places. I'd say fast before hand and try to restrict then, but if you can't, make up for it with fasting after and/or exercise.
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