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Come complain about how cold it is

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Babygirl00, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. I live in the uk and it’s fucking 6 degrees, raining and super windy here and with an ed I’m even colder than most people so I’m freezing my tits off in a hoodie and a coat lol. I also smoke which works as an appetite suppressant for me but problem is I can’t smoke in the house so that sucks. Tg for coffee lol I hate winter
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  2. It's Baltic, isn't it? I hate winter too. I might have to dig out my woolly hat to go to work in today.
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  3. It's cold. Not as cold as 6 degrees. I don't understand how people can tolerate such temperatures.

    I'm cold tho >:/

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  4. Apparently it’s gonna get as cold as 2 degrees today :/
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  5. I'm probably one of the few people who actively like this kind of weather! I get a bit excited when I wake up and see a good amount of frost on the ground. It means the roads are quiet and people stay indoors. It means I can leave the house/ go do a bit of food shoppw without feeling hideously self conscious
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised, I genuinely considered staying at home when I walked out the door today

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  7. I love the aesthetic of winter but not the reality of it. I’d love to wear cute outfits but just the idea of not wearing leggings under my jeans plus like 4 layers on top gives me hypothermia lmao

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  8. I like the idea of winter but then it actually comes and I hate it again lol. Really hope we get some snow so it’s worth it though
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  9. *waves hi from the sunny land of Australia*
  10. Lucky
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  11. Yes, I'm in Yorkshire and it's suddenly gone chilly, and back to wet/windy, which all makes a nasty combination. Today we're not supposed to get over 5C, and tonight down to -1C.
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  12. No need to rub it in, you lucky warm person!
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  13. It’s currently -22 Celsius with the windchill here. And snowing and really windy. I don’t want to leave the house today, but the gym is calling.
  14. That cold weather sounds lovely to me as a winter lover. It’s 36 degrees Fahrenheit where I am. So 4 degrees above freezing or 2 degrees Celsius.
  15. I absolutely prefer winter to summer but my god, I am freeeeeezing
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  16. It's below freezing here and it's only the beginning. We usually ride our bikes to work.
  17. Also why I'm glad I don't have to go out at least until Saturday. Way too cold now.
  18. Yep, I'm in the UK and struggling with the cold too. I've been freezing today, and it will surely get worse before it gets better :(
  19. Omgggggg it's awful. I live in north England so it's like bloody icey. Like I think my blood is physically SOLIDIFYING!! I have to walk 20 minutes to get to and from school and it's so unpleasant especially after losing loads of weight recently!!! I have like no padding ahahah. But I heard shivering is good for calorie burning weeeeheee! I'm gonna hop in the bath now to warm up which shows how Damn cold it is because I NEVER take baths

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  20. Yes, I usually prefer winter but g'grief it feels cold. I've had to turn my heating up further than I usually do because the normal level just wasn't increasing my room temps at all. I have a good thick jumper, over a thick knitted dress and a cotton under layer, so that helps - I'm generally ok at 16C. Just struggling to get the temps in the flat much over 15C, so I'm chilly round the edges almost all the time, unless I've just had a big mug of tea.

    I guess we'll get frost tonight. My neighbour says she saw it snow today, but she's in her 70s and increasingly unreliable so I don't really think she did, but can't 100% say it didn't.
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