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Come here if you’ve binged (AN style)

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by ipecacangel, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. I don’t think we have a thread like this yet but lmk if I’m wrong! I figured it might be good to have it since it was pretty popular on MPA1 sooo

    If you’ve binged and have AN, come here for support!

    *Please note that this isn’t a thread for BED or BN sufferers because I know a lot of us with AN or AN B/P consider small amounts “binges” and that can be really frustrating and annoying to read so I encourage you to start a thread like this in those sub forums if there isn’t one already!*

    Also, binges are subjective so if you feel like you’ve binged even though all you had were a few cookies or something, don’t feel like you can’t post here!
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  2. Oh, I just came in from the smoothie man truck near by where I work , and I have no clue how many cals there are in a tropical smoothie .. I will go back later and ask for sure ..

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  3. I love smoothies so much but they can be dangerous for sure! I always make mine at home because I’m too chicken to get them out anymore lmao. I bet it was so good though
  4. Ikr ! I am going to find out right now what they added lol I like a making my smoothies at home too .. ♡

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  5. Had to eat a little in front of my sister and it was fine, fit into my limit and everything. Then she left and I think I ate a whole serving of cereal (I alternated between swallowing and spitting it out so I'm not sure ughh). Then c/s'd two bags of mini snickers
    WTF is wrong with me

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  6. Was going to fast all day until supper so I could eat a normal meal without hating myself but was starving at lunch and ate an entire bag of skinny girl popcorn, my intake will end up between 700-800 :confused:
  7. I end up doing this every time I buy air popped popcorn lol. It sucks because it’s such a good low-cal snack otherwise.

    700-800 is still low though!
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  8. I just ate two loft house cookies, some chips, and drank punch with ice cream in it. We had an office party and everyone had food. :weary:
  9. God I’ve binged for 5 days straight and I feel so bad about myself. Like this is the main reason I wanna kms rn, I feel like without restriction I’m nothing. I don’t even think I eat that much I just went from eating so little to so much and I can’t stop
  10. Yoooo this is literally me.
    I’ve been binging for days and even though it has really been a lot I feel so annoyed with myself.
    I always feel 10x better when I’m restricting

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  11. ‍♀️

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  12. I just came back from a wedding which went over several days. the first days I was okay with my intake. But on the big celebration at the last evening I guess I had a round 4000 to 5000 calories. Not only because of the alcohol. I was at the buffett several times. after that I visited the Candy bar and as soon as I ate chocolate, gums and other canys I couldn't stop. I still went on although my stomach hurt. I just couldn't stop. I went in for hrs. so now I started a three-day liquid fast to get rid of the food weight and to reduce weight damage I've done. Btw i was so constipated the next day i thought my colon would explode. Even lax didn't help. It was horrible

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  13. I've been trying to 24 HR fast for DAYS to balance out a binge weekend but ppl keep coming at me with food!!! So I'm trying to just restrict and that's going okay I think... As long as I'm eating no one seems to mind WHAT I'm eating

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  14. I fasted for 20 hours then ate 550 calories. I want to die.
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  15. I had a moment of weakness and ate a glazed donut (260) at work. Told myself I wasn’t going to eat the rest of the day, ate stir-fry (304) for supper...purged it. Then I ate a few bites of some smoked ham my dad wanted me to try. Counts as a binge day for me.
  16. 900-1400 calorie ice cream and brownies - couldn't get a sure count.

    I purged it.

    That's all ive had for the day but I feel like complete and udder shit

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  17. Yo, but this is me? Really fucking relatable, lmao
  18. I just ate under 1400 calories for the day and I want to die. Going to take laxatives tonight then fast until my boyfriend comes Friday night
  19. Yesterday I ate 1370 calories.
    And I just had a 185 cals pancake and i really wanna kms
  20. uhhhh i ate like half a bag of hostess mini donuts and half a thing of vanilla ice cream bc i literally have negative self control

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