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Come here if you’ve binged (AN style)

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by ipecacangel, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Parents invited me to an unplanned dinner and my total intake came out to 1635. I've been crying about it for a full hour now.

    I feel so disgusting. I hate the feeling of being full or satisfied after eating.
  2. fucking binged for NO REASON on a day i planned to FAST

    honestly i think i ate around or under maintenance (although i’ve counted 2000 just to be safe) but i cannot get over the feeling that i’m unclean and savage and a disgusting wild creature

    im doing a nutella mono tomorrow which should knock off the water weight from the binge even though it’s even MORE calories... fucking praying this mono shit is legit, even tho my past experiences with them have all been great
  3. I ate some homemade chicken soup and I have no idea how many calories it was so I feel like I binged even though I probably didn't? Idk
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  4. Can I post here even if I don’t have anorexia? Because yesterday for example I ate 400g strawberries and about 2 pears and feel like I’ve binged. Anything that makes me feel too full or if it’s way over what I wanted to eat or unplanned feels like a binge. Even though it’s not always technicallh *that* much.

    Edit: I don’t mean that’s all I ate. I still had my normal amount of food before that.

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  5. I've been doing this bullshit for the last 3 of 7 days: 6 vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies EACH DAY. I've been intermittent fasting and restricting more to "make up" for it but it doesn't make me feel better. When I eat them I feel so out of control (like I do with anything chocolate-y.) Today it kicked off a binge for me where I ate the 6 stupid cookies then a CLIF BAR (jesus) and then I made a mug brownie and ate half of it before stopping myself. I just feel so stupid and gross right now. Also the B L O A T I have from those cookies still....

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  6. I went to the dining hall on a rly hungry stomach and I made a nutella and peanut butter sandwich with banana and had 2 cookies and roasted potatoes. I basically ate what I've eaten in this entire week right now in this meal and now I cant eat until tomorrow AND my stomach is killing me
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  7. I just had an airport binge. Stations and airports are hella triggering for me. Yesterday i resisted but today it was a nightmare:

    3 x 100gr packs gummy bears
    1 butter pretzel
    1 ham and cheese croissant
    1 panini mozzarella tomato
    2 chocolate croissants

    All in over 2700 just the binge. That means I'm 3400 for all day. RIP. I feel like crap now. And am not even sattured. :-(

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  8. I do NOT want to count the calories, but my eating has really been out of control lately. I need to start planning my foods ew. Kind of ready to just... stop existing, because of how things are going.

    50g egg-white cake
    2 slices of rye bread with cheese
    2 huuge apples
    5 pieces of candy
    2 protein bars
  9. i smoked weed last saturday and ate nothing but moonpies fam
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  10. This wasn't even today but I still cannot get over the fact that I binged on 950 calories a couple of days ago. Which is weird and makes no sense because I binged on 2,000, damn near 3,000 calories like a week before and I don't even care about that.

    Those 950 calories, though. It irks me.
  11. A cup of jasmine rice, a 1/2cup of imitation crab, around 10 mini twix eatem with abandon... kill me now.. About 980 cals gerrrrr! Doing a three day fast starting tomorrow.

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  12. I ate like 5-6 packs of Halloween candy while handing them out to the kids and now I literally feel the fat growing on my stomach
  13. a bit of everything - a spoon of tomato soup, a smol cheese ball, 2 tbsp of birthday cake popcorn, a few curly fries, a bite of a bar, latte, quarter slice of cake, a cannele

    planning to eat pizza tonight!! woohoo let's go i'm a fakeass ED person fr
  14. I get the desire to smash you in the face... but I understand. I had binges consisting of half a cookie or a bite of ice cream.
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  15. 2 mini packs of peanut m&ms
    2 mini reeses
    1 mini twizzler pack
    1 jumbo gummy life saver
    1 mini butterfinger
    1/2c cookies and cream icecream
    i didnt want count the calories so i logged it as 700, i purged also, but i always have a hard time getting chocolate up:(
    guess ill try for "no binge november"?

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  16. Ok yesterday at xmas market i biiiiiiingeeeed. 4 mulled wines, 1 eggnog, 1 langos with cheese and ham, 1 raclette baguette with cheese and ham, 1 pastry, 1 buiscuit, 1 chocolate marzipan bar and 3 fruit gummy snakes. Total 3330cal. Fasted 26hrs before. Bestie said: you always stuff your face here. I was drunk and yelled at her: could you pls not point that out bc what you don't know that i fast for this occaisions one or several days and i workout 2hrs a day. So pls don't comment. Also pls stop telling me i won't be able to get kids bc i know many underweight ppl who got healthy kids. That's damn rude of you. She almost cried but i couldn't hold it back any longer.

    Fiance was also there but didn't hear that convo. But when i went to the kitchen at home to have even more cookies he said: shit you really have an eating disorder. Guys this whole thing will escalate soon. I can't even go running today bc that would make it even worse and confirm him.

    It's annoying bc i could easily have avoided this binge by not taking all my money with me. That was so dumb. Lesson learned.

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  17. I ate a salad, strawberries and Nutella, and cereal with milk. felt extremely guilty even though my intake was still under 1200. ended up purging.
  18. I thought I was gonna stop at 1000 for the day, then a piece of red velvet cream cheese frosting cake was taunting me in the fridge and now I hate myself

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  19. I had a lot of bad binge/purge days on the way up to Christmas and new year; just managing and crossing my fingers that this will be my second day without a b/p sessions currently on a restriction for 500kcal but will be dropping it 50kcals each week starting Monday...try not to count the calories on my binges...I just feel so fucking gross and fat right now...I just want this weight to go down and come off me...
  20. I had six pieces of tuna sushi roll, not even proper sushi, just the roll and I hate myself.