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Come here if you’ve binged (AN style)

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by ipecacangel, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Binged on pizza tonight. I'm on my period so i'm gonna be bloated anyways. No regrets.
  2. a huge bowl of beef noodles, a burger, a lunchables pack, french fries, apple pie, all in the span of two hours... and the cherry on top of all of this is the extra portion of breakfast i had this morning because i thought today was going to be a fasting day... well i thought wrong lmao
  3. Had a ton of bread, cereal, crackers, and buns yesterday.
    Yikes. I really wish I didn't have really long dragged out binges. I probably couldn't have even eaten that much food in one sitting.
  4. I haven't stopped binging for 4 days. I'm stuck.
  5. i think i've been binging today and yesterday because of the cold weather but that doesn't excuse it :(
  6. I binged on fruit and starcbucks coffee yesterday

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  7. I just c/s french pizza and started to binge after that:

    3 pocket pizzas
    2 kitkat bars
    1 snickers
    2 bags of fruitgum
    1 twix bar
    1 milkchoclat bar
    1 piccolo bottle of prossecco

    Almost 2500 calories only for the binge

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  8. Protein bars, bread with butter and peanut butter, cereal, rice, chicken, goldfish, and everything I could get my hands on
    2000+ calories. Kill me
  9. 2 bananas
    1 pack of cookies i found at uni (not even mine)
    1 kebab with fries
    1 cheese & onion bread
    1 croissant
    1 marzipan-nut pastry
    1 pretzel
    1 cheese croisaant
    50gr fruitgum
    200ml cream liqueur
    250ml prossecco
    1 kitkat white

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  10. I hit 1200 cals yesterday by finishing off the night w:
    Lil Debbie oatmeal cream pie
    Pack of hot chocolate

    I know it isn't really that bad, but weight is up this morning. & my entire week / month = restricting well. I should be losing damnit!
    I did something I promised myself never again...took phenterimine.

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  11. 610 cal of ice cream and I let myself have toast for dinner so 800 for today :(
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  12. yesterday I binged (800 tops) and had someone straight up say “that’s not a binge”...maybe they would understand if they were actually anorexic like I am ooh :/
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  13. Wed:
    2 pretzels
    1 piece of pizza Hawaii
    2 cheeseburgers
    3 chocolate bars
    1 bag of crisps
    (All in 1 hour. 2.5hrs of workout didn't compensate and it was on top of daily intake)

    3 pieces of chocolate cake
    10 mini chocolate bars
    (Again on top of daily intake. 2hrs of workout didn't compensate it)

    I'm in my worst binge cycle ever

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  14. i had a galaxy cookie with my coffee and i feel really sick still it was over an hour ago. ik this doesn’t count as a binge but because of how low my intake has been recently (under 500 a day) i feel like I had a fat ass binge. but im trying to purge less because i somehow grazed or cut my throat with my nails so im in a lot of pain lmao. so im trying to distract myself with watching bojack horseman but it’s not working at all
  15. Ate at a 3300 cal surplus this weekend so I'm feeling disgusting and invalid af
    That's a whole frickin pound, and I didn't even enjoy it : (
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    bad day today :( am just upset at life in general and then this happened all in two hours :(

    - tortilla chips and dip
    - grilled cheese
    - butter on toast
    - leftover ground pork
    - cream of mushroom soup
    - granola bars (2)
    - cherry tomatoes
    - bran cereal
    - prunes
    - orange
    - chocolate
    - greek yogurt
    - jello

    i'm in so much pain holy shit
  17. 1400 calories ft pizza and buttr cookies FUCLK
  18. Three bowls of homemade split pea and ham soup along with half a sweet potato. So many calories... But I do feel a little better (has an awful flu. ow.) Also drank an insane amount of green tea today. With a little suger.
    Yesterday ate many veggie straws. xD

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  19. Was at a nice comfy 1200 and then...

    tortilla chips: 500 (?)
    a bun: 150
    some jelly to put on said bun: 150
    hot chocolate: 200/250?

    so around 2250. Blahakdl;afiea
  20. and HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT THAT COOKIE coming in at an extra 80 cals