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Come here if you’ve binged (AN style)

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by ipecacangel, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. My binges get worse and worse. Tuesdays station binge hopping:

    2 pieces of pizza
    1 butter pretzel
    2 croissants
    1 choc croissant
    1 marzipan croissant
    1 kitkat white

    Over 2600cal in one go. On top of my daily intake.

    Found the reasons.
    1. Walked with money again. I should have at least left my debit card in the office
    2. Didn't have cloudbread with me.
    So new rules:
    1. Again no money with me at night
    2. Cloudbread in my bag when I'm outside late night

    So weired that they overpacked my bag and gave me food for free again. Again at a bakery I've never been before. No matter where i go they give me 2 for 1 secretly

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  2. Supposed to be fasting and instead I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s because I hate myself :))

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  3. [​IMG]
    im nearly at my LW again and this is the shit i do.

    oh my god im actually awful. bitch ain’t eating tomorrow i stg. at least ill finally shit again after this.
  4. 1,366 cals yesterday.

    But it doesn't count as a binge because I stop when I'm full.
  5. binged on 900 kcal

    ugh its so frustrating that it's gotten to the point where 900 is too much :/
  6. I had a few pieces of chocolate today and feel sooooo guilty

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  7. I ate “normally” - well, I had 450 kcal for breakfast and dinner I can’t count exactly because homemade food, but overall I ate probs in the region of 1300. I’ve been eating 400-750 this week.

    Out of morbid curiosity I checked and I gained FIVE POUNDS of weight from ONE MEAL - dinner. HOW? I’m freaking out because I’m at 127 - the lowest I’ve been at in ages - and was really feeling determined, and it’s school holidays so gaining is a huge fear. Period is on its way too. Hopefully I can fast tomorrow...
  8. I've had 1000kcal deficit for the past few days.
    So today I biiiinged and ate 800kcal over my tdee. I know in the long run it only sets my back 1 day. But still - I've had popcorn so tomorrow I'll be a bloody balloon. :emoji_balloon: I haven't eaten above 1100kcal for 3 weeks, what have gotten into me today. Lame excuse but I haven't had such a heavy period in 3(?) months, WHY now? :emoji_sob:
  9. I restricted all day, it was wonderful.
    All I had was a bowl of raspberries and a few glasses of coconut water + lemon juice.
    I don't usually worry about the calories in either of those.
    With the coconut water, I only drink the plain kind so there isn't a ton of added sugar and calories (only 45 calories per 8 oz)

    I just binged an entire bag of popcorn.
    It's only 100 calories per bag and the only ingredients are salt and palm oil.
    I feel guilty about the palm oil, but it's only 100 calories per bag.

    But still, if I do count all of the calories that I've had today, it'd be 252.
    85 calories for the raspberries, 67 for the coconut water (I had 12 ounces), and then 100 calories for the popcorn.

    I feel like such a goddamn failure, I was doing so well.

  10. Had a good deficit today and then the late night cravings hit and I was too weak. I exceeded my restriction limit by 1100 calories :emoji_cry: