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Come Here If You Just Binged

Discussion in 'Binge Eating Disorder' started by Lee, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. :'(

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  2. just binged after an eight-day binge free streak. it was spaghetti and even though it was only like two bowls i feel so fucking bad about it. i havent been restricting lately but definitely havent been eating as much as i usually do so eating as much as i just did (plus breakfast and all that) is making me feel so fucking sick and disgusting
  3. I had my worst binge ever. My binges are usually not that bad. But today... I was in such pain after it. I tried to purge but couldn't. Just lay down on the bathroom floor and cried.
    I'm still in so much pain.
  4. Today I binged on noodles, hot dogs, corndogs, and chocolate.
    I'm disappointed in myself and will fast for a couple days.
  5. I’ve B/P’ed 4 days in the last week usually several times in those days. My teeth are so sensitive rn & I’m really worried. Never thought I would go down this path. It’s SO not worth it. Will just high restrict (& binge occasionally b/c who are we kidding here) & save purging for absolute emergencies.

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  6. That's the way to go. Stay safe, friend.