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comparing vapes?

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by softboi, Feb 3, 2019.


when/did you start using nicotine for ana

  1. young (12-14)

    6 vote(s)
  2. lil older (15-17)

    7 vote(s)
  3. a liiil older (18-25)

    9 vote(s)
  4. full adult (25+)

    1 vote(s)
  5. i didnt bruh

    8 vote(s)
  1. ive used to smoke actual cigarettes cuz i was an edgy thot but now i vape any time in fasting or when im high so i dont have an appetite, but i really wanna get a lil baby vape, have you guys compared brands? ive used full out mods and im currently thinking either a smok or a juul but i need opinions
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  2. i have a smok v8 stock and i love it!!!! you can’t change the voltage but i like the one it’s set too and i only spent $54 on it but i’ve seen them cheaper online

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  3. I have a Juul and it's so good. It's very similar to smoking a cigarette because of strength. I also have a voodoo drag and I fucking love it
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  4. I have an eleaf istick pico which I absolutely love, no leaks! Swirly resin purples, pinks and blues - it is so pretty!
    I also have a Smok Osub 80w Baby and a Smok Resastick. The Resa doesn't have wattage control, but it is small and simple with a large tank. The two Smoks use the same coils so that is very convenient. I started with the Ego AIO after 30 years of cigarettes and never looked back.

    I love vaping! I get dessert every day all day with no calories. Nicotine boost. What's not to love?
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  5. Oh yeah it's super expensive but I had a snow wolf for a while and it was also bad ass
  6. i have the same one i love it! what’s your favourite juice?
  7. I have an iJoy Diamond Mini and I'm loving it so far. Before that, I had a Smok T-Priv, and it had pretty colored lights that would light up when you took a drag, which was nice. It was a little too heavy for my liking, but it lasted me awhile. The only thing I don't like about Smoks is that their coils are very hit or miss. Sometimes you'll get a coil that lasts weeks, other times you'll get a dud that only lasts a couple days before it burns out. I asked one of the store employees if I was doing something wrong and he said "no, Smok coils are just like that unfortunately."

    I can't suggest the Sugar Shack Pancakes juice enough! I've had a few of the flavors (blueberry pancakes, strawberry pancakes) and loved them, now I have the peanut butter banana and it really tastes just like peanut butter and banana. I also really love the Vape Pink Cookie Butter flavor. It burned my coils quicker and was a little more pricey, but was so good that it was worth it. Also, Golden Ticket Chocolate Milk is yummmm. Obviously, I'm much more of a sweet vaper and less of a fan of fruity flavors lol
  8. Googled it and now I really want one! I love the symmetry of the centred tank.

    And you are right about the Smok coils. Two of my rigs use them and yeah, one coil will last for three weeks, then another for four days. Very occasionally a coil just won't work at all, but my shop always exchanges them for me.

    If you like the pancake type flavours, I recommend International Delights Belgian Waffles - they really did the maple syrup right.
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  9. Yeah I almost got another Smok, because there was one with an iridescent finish and I'm all about anything iridescent, but the coils were the one factor that turned me towards iJoy instead. It's such a hassle to not have the consistency and have to make impromptu trips to the store to get another one. I'll have to look the ID juice up, but it sounds delightful. I love anything custard/maple flavored, it's like inhaling breakfast all day.
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  10. i got a suorin air cause its small but the pods easier to refill than juul pods. its the only one ive had though so cant help with brand comparison. it leaks occasionally which is the main problem, its stopped working once and it was just from oil that had made its way into the wiring, worked fine after i cleaned it.
  11. ive never had issues with my smok, i think it’s a game of luck tbh
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  12. I have a smok v8.. best vape I’ve ever owned!
  13. I have an aspire breeze 2. I love it. It fits perfectly in my purse, pockets, etc. I use it very regularly and have only had to change the coil like once every month or two. It's also fairly easy to refill and take apart and clean which is nice. I get a 12mg caramel butterscotch flavored juice called Golden Road and I love how sweet it is.
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  14. hi there i am looking into vapes and i wanted to ask you for some suggestions...

    i usually smoke regular cigarettes and one of the important things a vape has to offer for me is that feeling of a real cigarette
    it is this scratching i think its a lil bit self harm like thing that is the whole point of smoking for me... to feel something you know ?
    i cant smoke light cigarettes cause they do not give me this feeling of smoke and i am worried that a vape deprives me exactly of that.

    i hope this explanation was understandable and maybe you can get me some hints or so ?ty pancakees
  15. I have a vape but I'm getting a fake ID soon because I might be going on the run and I'll be able to buy cigs with that.
  16. Eleaf Lexicon :)

    Vaping at the moment Chocovan juice (it's more or less chocolate brownies and tbh It's HEAVY af so it clogs my coils sometimes but its all I have aside from Pumpkin Cookie by Sadboi until I go home sunday........ lol)
  17. have a MiPod i use to curb appetite when high and in general and i am an ! addict™️

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  18. I use a T-18 Innokin and i got it for $35 bucks and it's a cute and durable little thing. It's a very simple little vape if that's what you're after! I love it.

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  19. the one i’ve been using is peach mango and it was good for a while but i can’t even taste it anymore so i’m taking suggestions yours ?

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  20. I have a sourjan air and it works pretty good for me. It's small and easy to hide. With some higher percentage juice in it, I still get buzzed, even with my tolerance. After I get nic high I rarely wanna eat.