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Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by penny., Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Does anyone know any other natural alternatives to laxatives from the pharmacy? that work pretty soon
  2. Magnesium powder or drinking vegetable broth does it for me.
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  3. Are you drinking enough water? I say this because I was recently constipated and figured out it's because I was dehydrated. Once I was getting enough water in, it passed after a couple days.

    If you are, lots of coffee and sugar free gum work for me lol.
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  4. Exercise or just walking can help your body to start to move those bowels
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  5. My GI said miralax is the safest and has me taking it 3 to 4 times a day. I was previously using magnesium citrate powder. He said if using it as a laxative overtime it can damage kidneys bc it is small enough to pass through the intestinal barrier whereas miralax is a much larger molecule. He told me only to take the magnesium to supplement nutritional drifcits as he knows I restrict.

    He also has me taking other softeners and lax but you said you didn't want a lax

    Stool softeners like docusate sodium work faster than miralax in my experience but not as completely/well

    If you did need a stimulant lax senna 8.6 mg is incredibly gentle and a first line approach

    He had me add bisacodyl 5mg 3 at bedtime bc I have spinal disease complications,but point is that bisacodyl stimulant lax was much more intense of a stimulant vs the senna, even when taking higher doses of the senna.

    When my 6oungest was having some major constipation I gave her. 5 dose miralax and half of a senna 4.3 mg and just did this for a couple days and it eventually worked.

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  6. I agree about senna, I have senna tea at night if I want to have a bowel movement in the morning. It’s not an every day thing, just for when you really need to go.

    Every day, I drink Natural Calm which is magnesium citrate powder that is meant to be a supplement and not a laxative, but it does help keep you regular in addition to soothing muscles and anxiety. I also drink dandelion powder that I mix into water (tastes like iced coffee) for digestion and inflammation. And I take a probiotic. This combination works best for me. I’ve tried a bunch of different combinations
  7. caffeine on an empty stomach is always my go to aside from different forms of lax. chug a large black cold brew and hopefully that'll get things going.
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  8. magnesium, Epsom salts (WILL MAKE YOU BUTT PEE), try a stool softener instead of a laxative?

    high sugar stuff always makes me very unwell so you could try a bite of that?
  9. I don't know about fast because everyone is different but,
    I would combo:
    drinking enough hydrating fluid - sometimes electrolyte drinks work better than plain water.
    20 minute walk, bike or run
    taking a relaxing epsom salt bath (hot & 20 min minimum)
    cup of broth with fresh celery
    coffee chug
    sip of pickle juice
    more water unless you already drank your total needs

    epsom salt bath - be careful about using it as a laxatives. it does make for butt pee. it can also create problems within your body if you have kidney issues. epsom salt is basically a magnesium source. it really does work well. using it frequently is not good so don't get hooked on it.
  10. honest to god ive had 3 kinds of laxatives, prune juice, shit tons of water etc and nothing has worked for me like having a teaspoon or 2 of warm soaked chia seeds + a glass of water as soon as i wake up in the morning. it's fiber so it doesnt cause dependency like laxatives, prunes, coffee etc. and it's really effective.

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  11. I like magnesium citrate (the liquid form works best for me) because it works FAST and no cramping whatsoever for me.
    Senna has never worked that great for me.

    Also there is this “diet tea” that you can drink, it’s pretty good, and it makes ya poop. If you’re interested I’ll find a reference for you.
  12. A shit load of coffee keeps me regular, that's part of why I drink so much of it, for me two venti sized black coffee's get it through the system though it could take less, I generally don't drink less than two cups, but anyway, yeah coffee, KEEPS THA SHIT FLOWIN' MUHFUCKA, besides who doesn't like coffee right?
  13. Proper healthy diet helps
  14. Senna tea rips through me like an angry snowplow!

    Lots of fruit and veg, coffee and WATER if you want all natural. Prunes if you want to feel like a grandma.