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Trigger Warning DAE have all willpower when they’re hungry, just to lose it all once the hunger pains go away?

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by justBrimyselfandI, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. I’m in this terrible cycle of starving throughout the day feeling motivated AF while enjoying my hunger pains, but then once night time rolls around and the hunger pains have dissipated, it’s REALLY difficult to feel motivated and/or fight binges.

    Has anyone else struggled with this and/or found any ways to stop it? Aka like, is it possible to induce hunger pains....? Typical motivators like thinspo or weighing myself, etc. never seem to work for me and I really just want to feel hungry all the time. :/
  2. Oof I seriously feel you here. I hate when I eat and lose my feeling of hunger and I can't wait for the hunger to come back... I don't know the answer ! For me it's just will power usually / self meanspo / motivation to weigh less the next day... The trouble for me happens when I don't see any immediate progress and then i lose that willpower :(

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  3. I understand this completely, the same thing happens to me too! Maybe it's because I get this weird sense of satisfaction when I am hungry and it would remind me to keep restricting, like it felt like it was working even though weight loss is hella slow and all that. Plus I think a lot of night-eating, at least for me, comes from boredom and staying up too late. So maybe you could sleep earlier or find something else to fill that void, if you have it?? I hope you can figure it out -- wishing you the best! :emoji_blue_heart:
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  4. Don't call me stupid but what does DAE mean? I forget things sometimes so idk what that is? Or if I'm just stupid.
  5. I always have to google it lol
    It means 'Does Anyone Else'
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  6. Before I went to IP, non-ed related, I did. I was only there for a week and I got out 4 days ago, but idk, things changed. The second I got out I started a fast and got to 67 hours, my longest recorded fast. Then I was craving my vegan chicken strips and brok it with about 1,320 calories over the next few hours with the chicken strips, oreos, pb and corn bread mix. After that my cravings were dead and I started another fast which I'm still on. Idk what happened after IP that made my brain turn, but when I got out it's like a switch changed in my brain. But before, I would eat when I wasn't hungry at night and idek why. Sadly I don't know how to stop that. Hell, I have no idea what changed in my head, but I'm glad I went to IP because now I'm doing better than before, way fucking better. Sorry, that was long.
  7. i TOTALLY relate to this!
  8. Oh yeesss! I felt that.. and I wasn t able to understand what is happening with me. Initially, I thought that it's a willpower issue..that it's my fault...that I have bad habits( eating...) dsepite no needing to eat..I wasn t eating much at all..but since I wasn t feeling the hunger..I was thinking in that way.. Bloating after "meals" seemed to confirm that ..yes.. I shouldn t have eaten..

    ..that was 5 years ago..after about 2 years of having developped AN (in those 2 years everything was fine..I had a huge willpower, endured hunger pains with ease, lost a loot of weight..side effects were at minimum and not very unpleasant).

    To answer your question..about the possibility of inducing hunger pains.. hmm.. I'll tell you what I believe :
    Hunger pains are induced by certain hormones /chemical substances in your brain (in corelation with your body..of course)..so there is a body equilibrum that your brain tries to mantain through the sensation of hunger. Those who have disordered eating will -after a certain time- have messed up the chemicals inside their body, the brain... so the hunger signals(hunger pains including) will no longer be felt.. It's just...chemistry.. I doubt that you can get the hunger pains back through a certain special method.. I think that eating normal again(or kind of normal...as normal as you can) is the only solution for that. Anyway...eating normal again for a while just to recover the willpower to starve is not quite a solution ...because I suppose that the hunger pains will disappear again after a while. I'm afraid that there is not a solution for what you want..or at least - I haven t found it yet.

    About willpower and how it s related to hunger pains.... I agree with you.. I've also noticed that they are somehow linked.. When I lost the hunger pains I've also lost willpower. (not only for dieting..starving..whatever.. but also in other aspects of my life..like work.. socialising.. briefly - living my life). I think that the cause for that might be the neurotransmitters (dopamine..other neurotransmiters too maybe) .. These are chemical substances that are produced inside your brain from the nutrients that you get from food... so...if you don t eat properly ...something not very pleasant will happen. (willpower issues for example ...but other issues can appear too ..you can "win" a "beautiful " anxiety/deppression as I did..and God knows what else..because the examples are countless if you look over here..ED sufferers over here and their stories speak for themselves. ) . I can't make a direct link between losing hunger pains and losing willpower... anyway..I think it just means that there is a nasty problem somewhere..that the ED has reached a certain allarming point.

    I'm sorry for not having a solution (I wished I found one for myself too..)...and wish you good luck and good health...I hope that you will eventually find a way to ameliorate your symptoms...or..to get rid of this disorder.

    As for me...I think I am giving up...I tried everything...nothing worked.. feeling like hell for years..I'm not able to do much..to be myself, not able to enjoy life...at this point even having the "perfect body"(anorexic or whatever ..) doesn't makes me happy anymore...If you don't feel well..there's no pleasure in anything.

    Sorry for imprecise explanations..but I told it in my way..from what i remember I read while I was looking for answers.. I'm not an expert in that/medicine whatsoever. Also sorry for this huuge reply..