Do you get your period?

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Do you get your period?

  1. Yup

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  2. Nope

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  3. maybe idk who knows idk

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  1. i hope we all get our periods back one day <3 and the ones who still got theirs be GRATEFUL i also wished mine to disappear once but cfghjkløkjhghkkhkgjhlugyfgvbklugb now im mad at me
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  2. I'm pretty sure I was above BMI 21 when I lost mine xD
    Sucks, really, wish I had it back by now.
  3. I get mine in the underweight range, I've only lost it sub-16.5 BMI.
  4. Same i lost mine at almost 21 too when i suddenly started to exercise all day and eat basically nothing lol
  5. i lost mine very quickly after i stared restricting cals, i did kinda get it (i say kinda bc it was all old blood) one month a bit ago when i had a bad binge cycle that month, but lost it again after that. i wasnt even a low bmi tbh i was shook. grateful tho, getting my period gives me a lot of dysmorphia
  6. I do now... I'm on my first period now since July. I'm not sure what made it stop, if it was me stopping my birth control and fucking with my hormones, my underweight BMI, or the stress surrounding my wedding and honeymoon.
  7. I last got it in August.
  8. I don't get mine anymore, but it has more to do with my BC pill than my weight.
  9. Yeah. :( I wish I didn't though. i feel like a failure for still getting my period. When I was at my lowest, it came around every 2-3 months but now that I'm fat it's every 3 weeks.
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    Nope, this is the second time i lost it (first time was more than a decade ago) and I'm happy about it.
  11. Yes and I'm in the 103-105 range right now. I try to take in a lot of nutrients and I hope I never lose it or damage my fertility.
  12. I haven't had a regular period since I was 15 :(
  13. Yeah
    it used to be super irregular, stopped each time I used bc (except maybe in high school, I don't really remember what effect it had on me then, just that I was briefly on it), took a while to come back and now it's pretty regular.
  14. sadly yes

    i don't plan to get pregnant cause i have shit genetics and don't wanna bring a soul into this world with countless diseases haha, so i don't see the point in a uterus at all, period's are just a major inconvenience all around

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  15. I've got PCOS so I've never had regular periods but since I've doubled down on beating my body into submission they've either come on super strong in response to me ending birth control (withdrawal bleeds), half-assed after a few days of fasting, or not at all. I'm not currently on birth control due to hormonal concerns with ovary cysts, but I have too much testosterone for my body to figure out what the fuck it's supposed to do. I'd take a regular period in trade for my existential dysphoria. I'd assume I'm not ovulating since it's so off the wall.
  16. I do now, but I stopped for several months several years back when I was around a BMI of 16ish. Last fall it started getting lighter with more and more time in between them but they didn't stop entirely.
  17. These 2 months i got 2 each month.....that has never happened to me and i dont know if it has to do with weight loss or not.
  18. Nope!

    But I also have an IUD.

    But in general, any time I over exercise, I immediately become irregular or stop completely.
  19. I lost mine last year a month after I started low restricting, basically as soon as I went under BMI 21 I lost it. I went down to BMI 16 that year and didn't get my period back until after I gained all the weight back. It stayed regular for 5 months and now I've been restricting for a month and I''ve already lost it again.

    I don't really care if I'm infertile because I have zero desire to have children and I hate feeling womanly.
  20. Not had one since November, and I'm thrilled. Periods are disgusting. They make me hate my body more that I already do, so as far as I'm concerned they can stay away forever. The side effects of not having the fucker are so much better than having them,