Do you guys ever like...not care?

Discussion in 'ED General' started by sintas, Mar 15, 2019 at 3:18 AM.

  1. Sadly yes, and then I always care the next mor ing... Sucks... I still can't refrain from logging and weigh what I eat even in a defiant I don't care day

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  2. absolutely. i usually take on the 'idgaf' mindset when i'm bingeing or overeating, as it is my reaction to low restriction and i get too hungry to really think coherently, i guess. i get mentally exhausted from obsessing over calories, what to eat/not to eat, and losing weight. when i overeat i can't count the calories because its not really in my mind; i'll just be trying not to think anymore.

    the guilt and shame always sets in by the next day though, and then my intake resumes to fasting or obsessing over restriction again.
  3. Dear God it's so exhausting.Before my ED I didn't even realize I could produce this much cortisol.

    Yeah this is me. Today I didn't eat quite as much, but more than I normally would. Last night I was like, "I feel like having a beer" after dinner. It was amazing: I drank a beer and then a shot and didn't care one bit. Slept for a long ass time.

    See, and this ^^^ is how it usually goes down for me as well. Compulsive overeating. And I'm surprised that it isn't happening this time, I was just eating normal amounts of food without wanting to have a monster binge. Weird.
  4. Definitely

    I care, but I'm just so tired to the point where the voice is there, but I just don't have the energy to confront it if that makes sense. I'm just like fuck off ://///

    But the anxiety and self hate eventually catches up (like a few days later I'm like SHIITTT whydidIdothat).
  5. This happened to me for like a flat 1.5 year period and I was all "Yay I'm special I completely recovered with no work on my end at all!" But it was so nice. I didn't have a scale, but when I did weigh myself I saw that I was maintaining while eating kind of whatever I wanted and exercising because it felt good. I'm sure my body recovered from a lot of the damage I had done in the absolute horror story of a year leading up to this. It was also a huge break for my mind and rebuilt a lot of relationships I'd broken.
  6. I stop caring when I’m with my friends. I’m like “if we’re getting coffee I’ll have some”, or “ya lets get pizza that will be fun” I just enjoy my time with them and don’t think about calories. I just say fuck it I want to be a normal teenager and eat a fucking frie with my pals