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Do you use heat to style or dry your hair? (poll)

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by house.of.kate, Jan 25, 2019.


Do you heat to style or dry your hair?

  1. No

    17 vote(s)
  2. Heat to dry

    10 vote(s)
  3. Heat to style

    8 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Do you use heat to style or dry your hair?
    Do you put heat protector on it?
  2. My hair is so damaged from bleaching that I never use heat on it. Before when it was healthier I would use a straightening iron to style it sometimes, rarely ever blow dried it. my leave in conditioner has heat protector in it.
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  3. I blow dry my hair if I wash it in a morning but only so that I don't get cold having wet hair. I prefer to just leave it to dry naturally if I can. I occasionally curl it but that's a rare thing.
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  4. [​IMG]

    this needs to be an ana tips meme

    frozen hair is the worst​
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  5. noooooo
    heat is NOT allowed to touch my hair!!
    i leave it dry naturally. it sucks esp with sensory issues but what u gon do
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  6. Nah. I used to straighten my hair almost every day back in high school but now it's very rare that I'll use heat on it at all. I don't want to damage it, especially since I've bleached it before. It's not worth it.
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  7. I only blow dry my hair after dyeing it. I put my hair in braids when it's wet to make it curly.

    If I had a curling iron and time in the morning, I would curl it.
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  8. i used not to, but ever since i cut it short i allow myself to be a lot more wild with it, because it anything happens it'll grow back quickly :D
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  9. I have thin curly hair so it's a no for me

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  10. Rarely. I may do it every other month when I want it straight. Last year, I only used heat three times. When I do, it's both to dry and style. I use a couple heat protectants when I do.
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  11. I'm not sure why or how my hair is so healthy. I spent all of my teenage years bleaching it and dying it every color. I've heat styled it almost every day since I was 14. And still yet, every time I go into the hair salon, the stylist gushes about how silky and healthy my hair is. It baffles me. I only wash it once every 3-4 days, but I blow dry it on high heat and use a straightener to style it every day. I don't use any chemicals on it anymore though, and I use hair oil and leave in conditioner before I blow dry it.
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  12. Its kinda amazing to me how many people don't use heat so far.
    I wash daily and blow dry daily. Its curly but I am a clean freak so I just can't skip washing or the paranoia starts to seep in. lol
    I do deep condition a couple times a week and use heat protectors + a nightly oil spray
  13. No, my hair is naturally thin/weak and also a couple of years ago I was stupid enough to dye my hair black and THEN bleach it to platinum blonde within 6 months.
    It's already a miracle that I'm not bald so I won't push my luck by using heat.
  14. No heat for me, please.

    I straightened my hair every day for years because I have wavy hair that I didn't know how to manage. My mom has stick straight hair, so she always chastised me for not brushing my hair enough and calling it a "rat's nest" (thanks, Mom).

    I now follow a modified version of the curly girl method.
  15. I'm just too lazy to use heat. I have pretty thick hair so it takes awhile to dry it or style it. I use to straighten my hair a lot but to me it's not worth the time or damage to only have straight hair for two days. I did use heat protector whenever I would blow dry it or straighten it though.
  16. I very rarely use heat on it. If I want it styled I'll do something like braid my hair while its still wet. I used to blow dry but now I'm trying to grow it out so I stopped.
  17. i have curly hair and i've stopped using heat to dry it. i do still straighten it sometimes for special occasions
  18. i have curly/wavy hair but i use heat to style because otherwise it makes me anxious hhh
  19. I had a keratin treatment done after bleaching, which helped a lot, so I don't have too many problems with occasionally using heat to curl my hair. Strangely, blow-drying my hair will do a lot more damage.
  20. No heat protection, blow dry it weekly maybe 2-3 times. I wash my hair daily in the mornings so if I can't get it dry before I gotta go then I blow dry it. But most of the days it can naturally dry cause I take a shower first thing in the morning, then after two hours or so I leave the house. And my hair is pretty short under my ears.