Does your parent(s) have an ED?

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does someone in your family have an ed?

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. possibly

  1. Maybe people have talked about this before but I haven’t ever seen it....

    But does anyone have a parent or guardian or even a sibling that has/had an ED? And you feel like it really shaped how your eating habits are?

    My mom has anorexia and my dad has binge eating disorder—which really explains why I go through restrict/fast/binge cycles.
    I think about how when I was a kid, my dad would always buy junk food and feed me all the junk, and then I would have my mom yelling at my dad to stop buying junk and eating hardly anything which made me start looking at junk food in a bad way and wanting to eat the portion sizes of my her.

    To this day my dad still struggles with BED, and my mom still struggles with AN. it’s difficult being around them both. i’m such a mix of both of their ED’s and it freaaaksss meeee ouuuuutttttttttt!!!!!!!!
  2. also wanted to add that my dad developed BED when he was overcoming his drug addiction. like yeah, he hasn’t done a drug in probably 15 years, but he developed an addiction to food in the process :/
  3. My mother has said that she does, but she is a full of shit person and I know that she doesn't. However, once I was talking to my dad who had been dieting a little bit and lost a few pounds - he told me that he had eaten a candy bar and that he felt really guilty about it and had considered making himself throw it up... I feel like that could be something there...
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  4. My mother had anorexia, but is still eating only small amounts which made me always feel like I eat too much

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  5. Once my mum said “I never use to eat when I was your age either” so maybe?
  6. I'm 99.99% sure my mom has one and I know now that my eating habits are weird af because of her and her husbands (she remarried once) both encouraged disordered stuff, too with me, her and my sisters (idrk about my brother). I know my sisters are growing up with this (I left the house years ago and just ... got worse on my own), bc she loves pushing them to follow her "diets", like she did with me ... I think one of my sisters is developing BED because of this, from stuff she's told me.
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  7. im almost certain that my mother has/had BED or EDNOS. just based on my entire childhood and her weight issues.

    im 98% sure my grandma on my dads side had AN as a young woman, shes told me many times that at my height (5'8) in her 20's she was barely over 100lbs. she was a nurse and often talks about how she would work a full shift not eating then come home too tired to eat before bed. after having kids she ballooned up but more recently got bariatric surgery and shes SO gung-ho about telling everyone how little she gets full off now. its adorable in a fucked up way
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  8. Anorexia killed my mother. She was 88 lbs when she died.
    It was a life long issue so at her death height she was a bmi of 15.1
    If you went by her youth height before osteo issues set it it would of been 13.8

    Honestly its why I feel most people's bmi claims are pediatric state or a flat out lie.
    sorry guys im paranoid - not trying to invalidate anyone's disorder but its really hard after you have seen it IRL
  9. my mom is anorexic
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  10. I'm pretty sure my older sister was anorexic as a teenager. Not sure she recovered...she only seems to eat in front of other people and is underweight..
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  11. My mom mentioned having anorexia for a brief period and then bulimia after that and claimed it was over but it was odvious that she was still bulimic all the way up until she passed away. Bulimia wasn't THE reason she passed way but it weakened her body and made her sensitive to stuff like meds so it certainly didn't help...

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  12. I selected "possibly" but am pretty sure they have some form of something (they would never admit it though).
    Both my parents will not eat most of the day and then eat piles of junk and / or a giant meal later at night. My dad more so than my mom currently, but she is currently trying to lose weight again. Neither of them have unrealistic goals and both stay in the overweight catagory, but both will lose a lot of weight quickly and regain, and repeat. So take that how you will. : / Either way it kind of explains my crap as I similarly will go between binge and restrict cycles (just more drastic).
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  13. My Mum had bulimia then BED. I remember hearing her purge and eating the special chocolate (laxatives) she'd have me go to the shops and buy.
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  14. I don't think so, no. My mom told me she was thin, then gained a lot of weight (her way of coping in a shit relationship), but then lost it once things got better. She's currently at the point where she'll mention "I should exercise but I don't want to" or "I'm so fat but lazy" but then that's it.

    My dad struggles to eat but not in an ED way. He has ulcer issues and he can't eat a lot of things and he has to force himself to eat. Sometimes it's midnight and he'll casually whine that he hasn't eaten all day and has to find something small to eat and it'll trigger me.

    Honestly I don't think anybody in my family has had an ED. 98% of my family is so fucked up but I don't recall anyone having an ED, and yet here I am, lol.
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  15. My mom's got misinformed ideas about health but I don't think she has an ED and I know for sure my dad doesn't.

    Though I also think one or some of my aunts may have BED... stuff I've been told about their eating habits points to that.
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  16. Preeety sure my brother has AN (probably with b/p cuz he loves cajun food a bit too much) but he's recovering now I think. He's been in therapy and OP for it and definitely put on some weight and has a major case of 'recovery face' (when your face starts looking all splotchy and bloated from recovery, having it caused my relapse) My dad is really suspicious too cuz he always will be making dinner and trying to stay in the kitchen or 'eat later' or something and once I caught him pretending to be eating from his bowl but he wasn't? that's pretty strange. I think my mum might've been bulimic at some point but that's speculation and has some EDNOS behaviours still. I hope she doesn't purge tho, she's too old to be fucking with her health like that. I wanna add that both my parents used to be fat but lost it (my mum's a bit stocky but I think her BMI is healthy, it's just her build) and my brother never admitted to having AN directly, but it was pretty obvious when he was OP and drinking Ensure because he 'couldn't put on weight naturally' but to me he's a bit more open cuz he knows I have an ED.
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  17. Yoo that's my mom. Sure she hasn't done drugs in 30 years but she's morbidly obese and uses food to cope/manage.

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  18. my mom used to be bulimic but she recovered and i suspect my sister has BED.
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  19. Both of my parents are pretty normal when it comes to eating habits. Mum eats reasonably healthily, and my dad is a single chap nearing 70 years old that lives in a camper van so you can imagine how he eats. My grandma is at least disordered if she doesn't have a full blown disorder. She has been on some sort of diet for my entire life, and she's always been absolutely tiny.
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