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grossest/weirdest food concoctions you’ve made?

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by duskedfur, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. That actually sounds really good! Sometimes I'll find seasonal pumpkin spice Greek yogurt around autumn and it's pretty tasty. I think what I tried was blending silken tofu, a little pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and some splenda together. lol. 0/10
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  2. When I was really young my brother would take me to the kitchen and we'd make a custom drink.
    We'd put a little of everything we could find in the kitchen cabinets.
    Plus, we'd actually drink it after we created it.
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  3. I made tofu sushi yesterday with lemmon pepper. Basically, cubbed tofu wrapped with a nori sheet. That's it. It wasn't good, but it wasn''t bad either ww
  4. I mixed my protein powder with skyr (some high protein joghurt stuff) in an attempt to make protein pudding (?), it was nasty and sandy because it was vegan protein with this chemical berry taste and it didn't dissolve at all, gross
  5. I tend to eat very same-y things every day (veggies w/protein + sauce).

    One day, I threw together cabbage, black beans, black olives, and Caesar dressing.

    Kinda gross, but I ate it because it was all I had for that day.
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  6. pickles with sugar free jello.
  7. Sugar free pudding and popcorn...don’t ask.
  8. Diet dr pepper & bourbon is on point

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  9. I wrap many unexpected things in nori sheets. Sounds horrible, but I put bean sprouts and onions and mushrooms on a nori sheet with hot sauce and nutritional yeast, then a few minutes under the broiler. It's my safe version of pizza and I quite enjoy it.
  10. rice crispies whith coke instead of milk... it somehow was good but my stomach decided otherwise.. it was like purging those powders you had as child on your tonge that feel so weird and i got it through my nose too
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  11. I actually eat that every day and I think its delicious xD
    Not that bad as combinatipn? Also eat this every day xd
  12. I’ve been judged for my mozzarella, pb n j, and candy combo

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    Potato in a fruit salad
    Canned peaches with protein pudding (made from powder, tasted like shit)
    Gingerbread cookies with strawberry jam
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  14. ive done the oatmeal black coffee thing hahahaha it is truly terrible
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  15. was... was the potato cooked? im so intrigued

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  16. .. it was boiled (boiled potatoes are normal in my country)
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  17. I thought I just didn't have a sophisticated palate. I was like "Am I not refined enough to get this??? Bc this is awful but these blogs say it's a good idea."
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  18. One of my common lunch choices used to be plain rice cakes topped with canned tuna and mustard. Or just mustard.

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  19. maybe not that weird, but canned chicken with buffalo sauce and whatever shredded cheese i had lying around. it never came out to more than 200 calories and was typically a pretty tasty lunch, no matter what other people had to say about it
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  20. i used to eat canned chicken, pico de gallo, and shredded cheese all the time!! it’s so yummy, canned chicken is underrated, especially bc i eat small portions and tend to not eat stuff i buy immediately so it can sit on my shelf waiting lol

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