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Has anyone tried Orlistat or XL-S Medical?

Discussion in 'Vitamins, Supplements, Nutrition' started by ghxleh, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. If so, did they work? Which one works better? What were your results like?
  2. took Orlistat

    shit my pants in a Fred Meyer

    if ur gonna take it dont eat any fats (but also if you dont eat any fats ur hair will fall out soooooo)
    i dont recommend it
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  3. Orlistats purpose is to make people fear fatty foods because they form an aversion by associating the side effects with fatty foods, which is ridiculous because it's the medication itself that is responsible. Its not a pill that helps you lose weight by not absorbing fats, it's a pill that makes you stop eating fatty food because you're afraid you'll shit yourself.
  4. I bought it and it’s on the way, I can keep you updated if you want on how it goes!
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  5. Hey I’ve been using it along side with concerta and I’m losing weight (:
  6. And I’ve stopped binging!
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  7. Did you typically binge on fatty foods?

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  8. I wouldn’t say fatty foods were the main source of calories in my binges but I would have binges on ice cream and such, I took alli with foods I knew were high in fat