How can I get used to drinking coffee black?

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  1. Cinnamon. I don't know what it is about adding cinnamon to coffee, but it makes it ten trillion times better. I think it cuts some of the bitterness. I used to hate coffee until I discovered that the kiosk at my University library sold cinnamon bun flavored coffee every Wednesday. Or, if you need more sweetness, there are a lot of sugar free syrups that you can add for flavor. I eventually just got the point where, unless the coffee tastes like the used sawdust at the bottom of a hamster's cage, I will drink it. But it started with cinnamon.
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  2. I use a quarter cup of cashew milk in mine. It doesn't lighten the coffee, but it takes the bitter edge off without covering up the coffee flavor. Cashew milk is 25 calories for a full cup, so a quarter cup is either 6 or 7 calories, depending on how you round.
  3. I really gotta try this because I hate coffee so much lol
  4. PSA: Cinnamon contains about 19 calories per tbsp, and 0.2g of sugar. Flavored coffees and teas also often contain sugar as part of the flavoring applied to the dried product. Not saying don't do it, but just be aware.
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  5. Walden Farms makes some zero-cal flavoured creamers, and there are sugar-free syrups, hazelnut, mocha, coffee liqueur flavours etc. I also like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg or any combination of those.

    (A splash of Grand Marnier always helps!)
  6. A tablespoon of cinnamon is lots - would anyone use that much?
    I don't count spices for calories, unless it is cinnamon-sugar, in which case I wouldn't use it anyway.
    Good to know, though!
  7. i just add one or two packets of splenda and make sure i drink a lot of water
  8. I agree that the temperature changes the flavor.
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  9. Try having less in the cup. Its easier to drink hot coffee if you dont have an entire mug to drink, especially if you take a long time to drink it and it starts getting cold. You can add stevia to it but experiment with the ratio to see what you enjoy most.

    You get used to the taste.
  10. You need to walk down the street wearing a clown costume while you play the entire soundtrack of Shrek (all the movies, including the spinoffs) on an out of tune kazoo. Only when you’ve lost all dignity and self respect, will you begin to like the taste of coffee.

    Trust me, I’ve been drinking coffee for years.
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  11. i havw found that treating my coffee as a ritual and allowing for some sweetener/creamer caories is worth it. makes it feel like breakfast even if its the only thing i have.

    but: if you really want to develop taste for black coffee, i would suggest investing in a bialetti/moka pot. it makes really smooth, tasty coffee, and i don't even LIKE black coffee.high intensity, low bitterness!

    i find black coffee to be hard to handle, this is some pretty smooth shit right here. it's strong and heavy, but you can actually appreciate the actual TASTE of coffee. my coffee-calories go down a LOT when i use this thing. it's a nice morning ritual, the coffee itself is nice, and it doesn't take much to make it nice if you don;t like it straight i use 10-cal non-dairy creamer and 0cal sweetener.
    its waaaaayyyyyy better if you can allow yourself a big slug of almond/cashew milk though.

  12. fact.
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