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Question How do 18+ prefixes work?

Discussion in 'Help Desk & Suggestions' started by Nereid, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Are minors actually able to read threads with an 18+ prefix or can they not see them at all?
  2. They cannot view the contents but can see the title.
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  3. Though it will depend if they were honest about their birth date when they signed up, and many won't have been. So I can guarantee that every 18+ thread here is read by some minors; there's really no way to stop that.
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  4. Wait do I can stop the teenyboppers with just a prefix?

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  5. #5 sweetpeach, Jun 12, 2019
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    Hi everyone,

    IMHO - if everyone suddenly starts fucking with the post system and marking EVERYTHING 18+ just because they can, not necessarily because it’s explicit content: minors will just make a second 18+ account and then the ACTUALLY explicit content in sex and relationships will be seen.

    Also - this isn’t an adult website. We could sure as hell turn it into one by doing this...and lose a good chunk of our members.

    The threads don’t disappear, minors can see the titles but can’t actually view the content. Suddenly tagging all your (and others) posts as 18+ when it’s not warranted (aka it’s a thread about food or something) is just asking for minors to lie about their age.

    edit: belatedly realizing this is more aggressive than I intended, it’s just hanger!!! I’m hungry as shit!!! lmao
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  6. Tbh not everyone will do it, and there are plenty of non 18+ threads the minors can get their kicks from reading. It's just a personal preference of mine to try and avoid personally giving them ideas. They're not going to get anything from my threads they can't read elsewhere, it just gives me a bit of piece of mind to know I've at least done my best to avoid directly influencing them. And in the case of vent threads, I'll typically make those 18+ too simply because I was the kind of 12/13 year old who would lie about her age and join 18+ sites and end up in dangerous situations with unstable adults because I was trying to offer friendship and advice beyond my years. I think any minor willing to lie about their age here will probably have done it right off the bat anyway, and that's their decision, but I'll at least do what I can to stay out of it. And don't worry, I get it! I didn't read it as aggressive haha, you have valid points! I actually had an old account here right from when Pancake first started, I was just wondering after seeing a few comments implying that minors could read 18+ posts whether something had changed in my absence. I'd been tagging my posts from day 1 where I felt it was necessary, and it clearly hasn't started a chain reaction of 18+ members blocking all the 18- members out, it's just that a few of us feel more comfortable doing it this way is all :emoji_blush:
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  7. personally, if it were just me? I don’t give a shit because I’m 19 so like it doesn’t affect me

    but I do know once this was posted I had SEVERAL minor friends worriedly messaging me on discord about it. it impacts them more than I think anyone is aware of
  8. How does it affect them?
  9. I think @anamanaguchi would be the best person to have a dialogue with about this, but I promise I didn't post this with the intention of starting some kind of exclusionary movement against the minors on this website- I know that they find a source of comfort and community here and they form a large part of this site's membership. But we as adults also have the right to restrict access to threads we make if we feel it is necessary so that we can also benefit from being users here. As far as I'm aware, this kind of use of the 18+ prefix has been around since MPA2's conception last year, and it isn't going to bring about any kind of drastic change to the site dynamic from one concerned adult asking a question. I was training to be a teacher before my disabilities forced me to take sick leave. If I were ever to go back to that profession, and it was found that I'd been interacting with minors on a site like this, it could have severe repercussions for me and other adults like myself in the real world. It's about keeping everyone safe, minors and adults alike
  10. if it were used as some are using it - where every single one of their posts is marked 18+ regardless of content, it creates a very exclusionary atmosphere in a safe space with minors who are likely already feeling marginalized and excluded IRL.

    I’m not talking about 18+ threads that include explicit content. Minors need to understand that those boundaries are in place for a reason. But when suddenly half the people on here are logging their content as 18+? We’re just asking for a shitstorm.
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  11. TBH I would suggest to minors who feel like that that they just block the person and then they don't have to see the threads at all and know they're missing anything. I think adults should have the choice of dialoguing just with other adults. I know I feel a bit weird at times being here as a middle aged woman, but my response is to avoid as much as possible making any content that would encourage anybody, adult or minor, in damaging behaviours. Other adults, perhaps especially younger adults, may feel the need to express stuff that they can't anywhere else but also not to encourage those not of age at the same time.

    It's not like there is anywhere you can go to discuss pro ana stuff fairly anonymously where there are no minors.
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