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How do you get through fasting?

Discussion in 'ED General' started by Kaitlyn Killian, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. I usually only do 12-16 hour fasts. I can never do a whole day, becuse I give into hunger to easily. What do you guys do to keep yourself going?
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  2. Lots of fluids. Longer fasts require electrolyte replacements as you literally can’t function without them. Other than that, with experience you learn that hunger always passes and the patterns become nearly predictable.

    Day 1: meh
    Day 2: weird euphoria
    Day 3: coming down
    Day 4: Hell
    Day 5: if you keep going through Hell...
    Day 6: You get through it
    Day 7: meh

    Hunger comes in waves. If you wait it out, it fades away. It’ll be back, but it’s like knowing about a jump scare in a film ahead of time; you can prepare and you don’t need to freak out as you know it’ll be done in a moment even if you do feel it.

    Literally avoiding hunger, distractions are so often suggested in old butterfly memes because they work. Sometimes I exercise through it, show my body I’m in control. Knowing it will stop makes fighting it easier.
  3. Hmm, I don't really know. I've never been very good at fasting, 24 hours being hard, but it's been a lot easier to do so. I drink a lot of diet sodas and zero monsters and sparkling water. I actually hardly drink water tho. But it helps me to distract myself by doing something else. Also keeping food out of my sight helps because I only crave the food when I see it. For me the first 2 days are easy, around the 72 hour mark I get hungry. I've only made it to 67 hours because I started my fast right after I left IP that I was in for a week, stopped at 67 hours and ate because I was craving something, then started again a few hours later. But I'm at hour 68 of my current one, so I dont know further than that. I'm not really hungry right now so I guess hitting day 3 is easy also if I don't see or really focus on any food.
  4. keep busy!! i like to be constantly doing stuff that gets me out of the house/my room- if i'm at the library i'm totally not gonna binge, or if i'm shopping or working out etc..

    i also like to up the fluids by a lot and drink tea and diet drinks because mentally it makes me feel like i'm consuming ~something~ at least
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  5. lots of water. I just finished a 48 hr
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  6. Fluids, music and not doing anything but *fasting* if that makes sense. Bc using extra energy is pretty pointless and just makes things harder, plus by day two I basically just sit and stare into a wall bc of brain fog.
  7. Sleeping/laying down all day.Maybe sitting but I can't stand for long periods of time and I feel like I'm dying if I do any sort of physical activity.I kind of am not even hungry at all so I can't help you with that.Maybe drinking things with electrolytes would help with longer fasts,I wouldn't know since I don't drink them but I also get horrible headaches and am constantly nauseous
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  8. I've never done anything longer than about 4 days, but the most important thing I've found for success is being in the right mindset for it. I've never been able to force it; it just happens or it doesn't. I drink a lot of carbonated beverages like diet soda, sparkling water, zero calorie energy drinks, etc, and zero calorie sports drinks like Powerade Zero. I don't really drink water when I fast. I also try to stay super busy (preferably away from home most of the day) to keep my mind off of it and sleep as much as possible when I'm at home. Personally I find high restriction the most useful for weight loss; fasting for me is more about the control trip, or sometimes it's just an unplanned panic or distress reaction.
  9. Lots of water, green tea, and coffee. I don’t really drink sodas while fasting though. And always, always keep yourself busy. And if you’re not busy, sleep lol
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  10. 3 days is tops for me but I do 24-48 hour fasts frequently..

    Fill yourself up with fluids, keep yourself occupied (a long light walk with my dog is great) and enjoy the empty feeling.
  11. Thank you for all the ideas