How hard can you restrict?

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  1. *Not a competition just curious

    The lowest i restricted was 300-600 cal burning 1000-2500 a day.

    What's yours?

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  2. I fast a lot, meaning I can go days without eating. However, I live w my parents that are aware of my problems. Longest fast I managed was five days... At my worst, I usually restrict to 150kcal. I now only eat once a day though and burn around 700. Lmao what a life <3
  3. How low can you go, how low can you go...

    I’ve managed to fast for one week. I can restrict on an average of 500-750 (including fasts) for a few weeks. I fast a few times a week. On the days I do eat it’s usually around 750-1000 calories, sometimes less if I feel like it. But it’s all very unpredictable. I B/P at least once a month, but more likely every 2 weeks.
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  4. Longest fast was 4 days. I can low restrict to like 200-300 cal a day but I will probably not be able to do anything or concentrate on university. Like functional restriction would be 800-1000 calories.
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  5. I used to be able to go days without eating while still working out 2-4 hours a day. But then I got old, and my body just can’t take that kind of abuse anymore, so I stay at 1000 cals/day, no exercise except for work.

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  6. My longest Fast was 17 days, had to break it to recover from it for a family visit.

    My best restriction was never breaking 300 calories between February and the middle of June in 2018. My average day long term is 350 calories unless something is going wrong. I want to high restrict but I binge when I do, low is safe for me.
  7. I could never full on fast since living w/ my parents and they caught onto my bullshit.
    But the lowest I would restrict was around 500-700 calories and I'd burn 500-700 every day.
    Now I struggle to stay below 1,000 lmfao how fun.
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  8. The lowest I can maintain for a significant period of time is only about 500 calories below my TDEE. But I'm bulimic so I usually can't restrict; I go up and down but usually average out to maintaining a bmi of around 24-25 with b/p.
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  9. In the past the lowest I ever managed was three months of eating around 250~ a day while burning 500 every night via cardio, but this was before I became bulimic. As things are currently, the lowest I can manage is around 500-700~ish for around a week or two before it triggers me into a hard binge/purge cycle.

    [Bulimia]: gg wp.
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  10. 6 day fast aka restricting to 0 cal? Only allowing myself coffee and diet coke

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  11. I ate 300-500 cals a day and burned it all off for abt a month once that was my worst
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  12. 600-1000, my deficit was 1500-2000. I wish I could I restrict lower but I'd end up binging if I did. I can only last about 4 weeks and then give into binging (I get really fucking hungry even with high volume low cal).

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  13. Lmao not very. I don't last under 1200. I don't last at 1200 most the time. I do best at around 1300-1400, but it makes me feel like a failure. I work out quite a bit so rationally, I know it's still under my TDEE but...

    Back in the good old days I stuck to 600-800 for about three months, no binging, no mistakes. Lost a shit ton.
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    The longest I fasted was about 10 days from almost 7 years ago (had water, zero water and gum). Back then I used to fast for 5-6 days, "binge"/eat normally for 1-2 days, and walk for an hour or two in the mornings. That lasted around 6 months at a normal bmi.
    The longest I've (semi?) low restricted without going above 500 was for 69 days in fall of 2017 (beginning of this relapse, and definitely a higher bmi).
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  15. Oh I can't.. i restrict to like 800 and im bedridden w exhaustion.. but i already have p intense fatigue so
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  16. I high restrict, usually between 1200-1600 kcals. Past few weeks my average has been around 1500 which is quite high. But my depression related fatigue gets unbearable even on these high amounts so I only go lower occassionally.
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  17. Longest water fast was 3 days. I usually restrict to around 200-400 calories a day for a week or two, then for a week or so at 1k-2k to refresh my energy (lmao what energy tho)
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  18. My lowest sustained restriction was an averaged intake of 800/day for about five months. I was also fat then.
    Now, around the 18.5 bmi mark, there's no way I could hack that. I can do a day or two at levels that low, if I have time to myself and don't have any work to do (lmao get it?) but by the second or third day I'm a sleepless mass of hate who would probably resort to murder if I could think straight enough to plan it.
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  19. my longest fast was 4 days. i went 4 months last year restricting to under 500 cals a day. lost a hella amount of weight but was unsustainable for me. past few weeks i've been restricting to around 300 cals a day because i hate myself lmao.
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  20. Without binging, 1000 is the lowest I can restrict for long periods of time. I can do 600-1000 for a few days to a week before I binge.
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