How many calories have you eaten today so far? (NO EXCUSES, JUST THE NUMBER)

Discussion in 'ED General' started by sock_demon, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. 306. Only cause I accidentally fell asleep for a couple of hours and now it's almost dinner time lol

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  2. I ate a chocolate bar which was over 1000 calories...

    ☆Running around at the speed of a snail☆
  3. lmao i was going to type zero and my phone corrected it to zwei (well, i did have a cup of coffee. also i’m not german)
  4. 292. Whisky and beer man.
    Lonely as fuck and trying to drown my insignificance in alcohol.
    I miss the feeling of deep passion. I miss being pursued.
    Why is life so hard!!!
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  5. i feel

    i’m trying so hard to not give in to alcohol rn
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  6. 380

    I told Gus that we would be there, and if we don't show up, that makes me a liar, and that's not what I'm about.. Not now, NOT EVER!!