How many calories in this :C taiyaki ice cream!

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  1. sooo basically ^

    how many calories do you guys think are in this? the fish thing is taiyaki with red bean filling, bottom is matcha ice cream, it's pretty heavy :C


    any guesses would help :')) I emailed the company asking for nutritional info but they don't have it yet (fda doesn't require public nutritional info if they don't have 20+ franchises)
  2. im finding an average of 200 cals for the Taiyaki alone.

    a cup of icecream is between 170-220 cals and based on the pic id guess thats 2 cups?

    so im gonna put the full thing at max 640 cals. (using the upper number for the icecream so it accounts for the sauce/topping)
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  3. ~650?

    Looks delicious. Me want D:
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  4. 6 to 800 ish. Hard to say without knowing exactly how it's made or the weight of the serving.

    That being said, I read the title as teryaki ice cream for some reason and had to make a double take lol
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  5. Yesss, me too! I was so taken aback I had to reread this like three times lol.
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