How many days are you binge-free?

Discussion in 'Binge Eating Disorder' started by Coriadelle, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Ooh, back to day zero, lol.
  2. 2 weeks more or less (ok less but let’s round it up to 2)
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  3. 0... But I really think things will start to go well for me tomorrow! I've made a plan and re-evaluated my goals and I'm pretty motivated!
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  4. 6 days, i can't tell if i've lost my appetite completely or if im brinkering on the edge of bingeing for 48 hours tbh
  5. 3 days! This has to be the longest streak since September
  6. Quit That is a great app for tracking this kind of stuff too! I use it to track my binge eating, how long i've been without alcohol (i'm aiming for a few months of sobriety as my PTSD has been bad), etc. :)
  7. Random, but i LOVE the quote in your signature! xD