Trigger Warning How many teeth have you lost to your disorder?

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How many teeth have you lost to your disorder?

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  1. How many teeth have you lost to your disorder?
  2. I've lost one so far, with two more going to shit pretty quick (need to get them capped soon or they might have to get pulled). I've also got a broken filling now which is just great. I fucking hate that this eating disorder is destroying my teeth.
  3. 0, though I've got a little chip in a tooth from grinding my teeth while I sleep and I definitely think I need to go to a dentist and find out how bad my teeth actually are
  4. only 1/2 a tooth in 10 years of restriction + brutal malnutrition bc I eat so terribly lol
  5. 0 with some that need fixing (but i generally have issues w teeth bc i have braces)

    when i started c/sing, i literally felt acid corrode my teeth tho
  6. I haven’t lost any teeth but I’m sure I’ve done some damage. I can definitely tell my teeth have gotten more sensitive & I have developed horrible dry mouth. I also have a plethora of medications to take so that probably contributes to the dry mouth.
  7. I've had bulimia and EDNOS for a decade and no lost teeth yet :/ I don't even really have any issues that I know of but this kinda scares me. I hope y'all are able to get any work done on your teeth that you need. I imagine a lost tooth really doesn't help with the self esteem issues of EDs
  8. Havent lost any yet but they're rotting despite using prescription tooth paste and doing as much damage control as I could.

  9. Even if they're lost teeth that don't affect apperance they don't help with ED related issues. I've lost a couple of molars because I am too terrified of the dentist to get them sorted, and this happened years before I developed an ED. Becaue of that I simply can't chew my food up properly any more. When eating is so much of a chore anyway due to ED issues that extra layer of difficulty can really be the straw that broke the camel's back.
  10. So far, my teeth are clinging to my gums as desperately as I cling to the hope that one day this will all be over.
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    1 which I had to have pulled out oof.

    The tooth became weak because erosion, then I ended up accidentally cracking it (I think I chomped down on a blueberry too hard lol) and got an infection/abscess which was located around the roots of the tooth.

    It was so painful and disgusting lol. There was puss in the tooth and my face was swollen an everything.

    Luckily it was a molar though so it's not visible.
  12. I have a chip in one of my teeth but thankfully it's not too bad and I haven't lost any!