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How much weight will you have lost once you reach your UGW?

Discussion in 'Higher BMI' started by Tatyanna~, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. 131.4 (that's fucking insane...an entire person)

    Currently have lost 72 of it. I'm a little over half way there.

    Only 59.4 to go... jesus.
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  2. 74lbs [33.5kg] from my hw

    46lbs [20.8kg] from my cw
  3. When I reach my UGW I'll have lost 110 pounds total. I'm only down 22 so far -__-
  4. when I reach my UGW ill be around 105lbs down... my UGW is 95. geez, more than i want to be :0
  5. Oh Gaby, if only you knew. My new ugw is 88 lbs which when I get there I will have lost 122/123 lbs. And oh boy do I wanna get there *as I'm stuffing my face with Doritos*

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  6. hw 290
    cw 160
    gw 100 / bmi 19.5
    ugw 70 / bmi 13.7

    overall loss: 220

    i was close last time, this time there's no excuse.
  7. 45 kg / 99 lbs counted from my HW. 35.8 kg / 78.9 lbs from my CW.
    The fact that at one point I was 'only' 10 kg / 22 lbs away is so god damn depressing.
  8. Like 80-90.

    My SW was 181.
    My goal weight is somewhere between 91-101.

    I've currently lost 54 pounds so I'm like a good 60% there.
  9. If I reach my UGW, I'll have lost 53 lbs.