How to make it look like I more?

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  1. I've already made this kind of posts but here I am with the same issues again.
    I'm in highschool and I stay at the dorm, I have all my meals there and the supervisors and my friends watch me closely. I can't choose the quantity in my plate, I can't skip any meal, and I've been blame quite many times about not eating enough because I'm already underweight.
    I can't stand eating my whole plate, I never do, are there tips or tricks to make it look like I ate more than I did?

    ha I'm ever triggered by some of my friends who started trying to lose weight and no one blame them because they're heavier, but I find that so unfair...

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  2. People expect you to finish your meat and most sides (including drinks) are reasonable to leave bits of to most people.

    Note though, there's a sliding scale of sides people don't like to see left based on how tasty humans find them. For example, one can make the reasonable claim they don't like the texture of boiled carrots, but most people aren't going to buy that you don't like icecream.
  3. Can you choose what you put on your plate, or is it filled for you? If you can choose, just load your plate with vegetables, then it looks like a lot of food.
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  4. Cut your food up super fukin tiny make that shit look like pencil shreds and put each side in the individual pile and it usually looks super super small

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