If you could only buy 3 things at a grocery store...

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  1. Bang energy drinks
    Vegan sausages/vegan beer brats
    Mini Naan breads
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  2. Ooohhh... tough one... I'd say:

    1. French fries
    2. Pasta (does sauce count as a separate item?)
    3. Vegan meat alternatives
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  3. 1. Coffee.
    2. Options hot chocolstd sachets.
    3. Fruit
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  4. Whole wheat bread
    Coke zero

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  5. 1. melba toast
    2. ramen
    3. veggie mix
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  6. Orange juice
    Chicken wings
    Frozen veg mix
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  7. Apples
    Tomato Soup
    Sweet Potatos
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  8. 1. Club soda/mineral water
    2. Romaine Lettuce
    3. Light (40cal) balsamic dressing
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  9. fruit cups
    protein bars
    squash / cucumbers / kimchi
  10. Coffee
    Granny Smith apples
    Lowfat cottage cheese