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I'm deteriorating

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by darkness.within.mexx, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. I went 4 days without food/water and sleep. I ended up in the hospital for medical and mental health observation. They made me spend the night but I refused to eat or drink. I'm now at a crisis unit and I guess I passed out and was found on the floor... Now they're calling the hospital and pushing me to drink fluids. This 50% MORE calories ensure I'm not trying to be non compliant but my anorexic brain WILL NOT let me eat/drink. I don't know what to do :( it's to painful to even eat little soft food or drink water. I'm deteriorating. I'm sick of this. I don't feel in control anymore. [​IMG]

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  2. Ensure Plus is pretty normal for ED treatment, especially if you're in a "normal" hospital. Sucks that they have to advertise the calories as a plus, but it is what it is.

    Ask if they'll prescribe something for the discomfort. I was on reglan and I took a couple over-the-counter things during the first bit of recovery.
  3. i got something similar in the hospital and too make it easier for you when i drank it my body really took the nutrients in, i mean i had to force myself or otherwise i would be tube fed and when i did the first bottles i felt better mentally and physically and it was way easier after that... my logic now behind that is "it is a lot of calories but nothing else can give you so much nutrients in one go" so nutritious per calorie... when i have times where solid food is not doable for me id rather spend my budget on something like this as opposed to something else

    force yourself the first times and be happy about so many nutrients in such a low calorie packing ;)
  4. Yeah not to be a narc but calories are part of the "nutrients you need" too.
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  5. yes youre right.. what i mean is that if youre too afraid good packed calories are better than nothing and easier too starving yourself isnt healthie i totally agree on that

    edit: and yes i try to get enough micros while i still believe somehow my body dont need macros so maybe this might made me formulate the text like that
  6. Your best move is to steel yourself and drink the ensure.
    Otherwise, you'll get tubed. That's going to be 100x worse.
    Definitely better to drink it on your own.
  7. jeez 4 days without food/water and sleep sounds terrible. have you at least been sleeping :( ? if you're really out of it yor appetite might not even register and ur ed might take over as a coping mechanism.

    just try to be realistic. you know that unless your health returns to a stabler state you wont be released and you'll continue to feel out of control at the hospital. if you're not in a stable enough state to even bring yourself to drink yet then you probably need to stay in the hospital. i hope things get easier.
  8. yikes... didnt they give you an iv when you got admitted?? 4 days without even water would be enough to easily kill even a healthy person, you must have been so dehydrated. how are you doing? hope you're ok. are you stil in the hospital?
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  9. I'm sorry hun. Try your best to get better, all these people are doing it because they want to help you.
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  10. Had this same thing happen to me. Except they didn't suspect it was for an ED (which it wasn't at the time) they thought just general not taking care of myself was what was going wrong. I was not in a good state and then I ate and slept and everyhing was okay.
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  11. Wow,please be careful. I used to hate ensures too. But it could be worse have you tried ensure yoghurt? That's even more vile. Even my dietician couldn't blame me for not wanting that.
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  12. It seems particularly cruel that the bottle is shouting out its high calorie content.

    Are they trying to make people have meltdowns on purpose?
  13. 4 days without WATER? seriously?
  14. I sounded mean but I was just really worried. 3 days is enough to kill someone from dehydration, oh my god OP please stay safe!!!!!!
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  15. Most hospitals carry ensure for reasons other than "anorexia nervosa patients." You could ask them to pour into a separate cup I guess.
  16. Maybe it would be more alarming to not know.

    Still, I think the hospital staff should be more sensitive. Giving a drink with a scary high number of calories written right on it would push many AN patients past the sanity point.
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  17. I mean it's not a high number of calories but I get your point lol.
  18. Not high from a normal person's point of view, but 350 for a beverage is pretty steep, and I know some people who restrict under 300 for a whole day, so to some it is a frightening number.

    How are you doing?
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